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5 Pakistani Fashion Brands Admired by Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton made headlines for their trip to Pakistan, engaging in activities from cricket games at the National Academy of Cricket Lahore to meeting well-known individuals from Pakistan. Over their five-day journey, Kate Middleton often donned Pakistani designer dresses – five in particular stood out. They caught Prince William and Kate’s attention:

5 Pakistani Fashion Brands Admired by Kate Middleton
  1. Zeen

5 Pakistani Fashion Brands Admired by Kate Middleton

Zeen Women by Cambridge quickly won Kate Middleton over, as she donned their ceramic jhumkas when meeting Prince Aga Khan before visiting Pakistan. While in Pakistan, Kate continued wearing Zeen accessories like purses and jhumkas; Zeen offers high-quality fashion at an accessible price point that appeals to global audiences like Kate.

  1. Bonanza Satrangi

5 Pakistani Fashion Brands Admired by Kate Middleton -1

Kate Middleton showed her appreciation of Bonanza Satrangi designs when meeting Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by selecting an eye-catching skirt from Bonanza Satrangi. This Pakistani fashion brand blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style to offer eye-catching colors and designs that suit a variety of Pakistani women living in Canada.

  1. Gul Ahmed

5 Pakistani Fashion Brands Admired by Kate Middleton -2

Kate Middleton chose an exquisitely embroidered dress by Gul Ahmed Ideas upon arriving in Lahore, which displayed elegance and simplicity – qualities that highlighted her grace and poise. Gul Ahmed has long been recognized as a reputable Pakistani brand producing high-quality fabric and garments; their stylish collections showcase Pakistani culture and creativity while allowing women living in Canada to enjoy traditional designs in an updated setting.

  1. Elan pk

5 Pakistani Fashion Brands Admired by Kate Middleton -4

On the final day of their tour, Kate Middleton selected an eye-catching white shalwar kameez with black threaded embroidery by Elan, a prominent Pakistani fashion house known for its elegant designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Elan has quickly gained prominence across Pakistani society thanks to its chic blend of Eastern and Western styles, which allow Pakistani ladies living in Canada to express themselves while honoring their heritage with style and sophistication.

  1. Maheen Khan

During her visit, Kate Middleton made an impression by elegantly wearing two outfits from Maheen Khan’s highly esteemed collection and pairing one by Catherine Walker with white trousers from Maheen Khan. Maheen Khan is a celebrated Pakistani fashion designer renowned for creating handcrafted garments that combine traditional Pakistani textiles with contemporary silhouettes and styles for fashionable wearers living in Canada. By adding Maheen Khan designs to their wardrobes, Pakistani ladies living here can embrace their cultural heritage while maintaining contemporary fashion sensibilities while remaining stylishly dressed!

Kate Middleton’s fascination for five Pakistani fashion brands not only showcases the vibrant culture and creativity of Pakistani fashion but also provides an opportunity for Pakistani ladies living in Canada to embrace their heritage through stylish pieces from Zeen, Bonanza Satrangi, Gul Ahmed, Elan, and Maheen Khan into their wardrobe and add flair and distinction.

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