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Aik Atelier

Embroidered Net - VOL 2 LOOK 09

Embroidered Net – VOL 2 LOOK 09

C$ 361

Embroidered Organza - Vol 2 LOOK 07

Embroidered Organza – Vol 2 LOOK 07

C$ 361

Embroidered Chiffon - Vol 2 LOOK 05

Embroidered Chiffon – Vol 2 LOOK 05

C$ 378

Embroidered Khaadi Net - Vol 2 LOOK 04

Embroidered Khaadi Net – Vol 2 LOOK 04

C$ 378

Embroidered Organza - Vol 2 LOOK 03

Embroidered Organza – Vol 2 LOOK 03

C$ 378

Embroidered Khaadi Net - Vol 2 LOOK 02

Embroidered Khaadi Net – Vol 2 LOOK 02

C$ 378

Embroidered Chiffon – Vol 2 LOOK 01

C$ 378

Embroidered Medium Silk - Vol 2 LOOK 06

Embroidered Medium Silk – Vol 2 LOOK 06

C$ 361

Embroidered-Medium-Silk Vol 2 LOOK 10

Embroidered Medium Silk – Vol 2 LOOK 10

C$ 361

Embroidered Net - Vol 2 LOOK 08

Embroidered Net – Vol 2 LOOK 08

C$ 361


Embroidered Net – Sari Edit – Look 08

C$ 337


Embroidered Net – Sari Edit – Look 07

C$ 337

Embroidered-Net-Sari Edit - Look 06 .webp

Embroidered Net – Sari Edit – Look 06

C$ 337


Embroidered Net – Sari Edit – Look 05

C$ 337


Embroidered Velvet – Sari Edit – Look 04

C$ 337


Embroidered Jamawar – Sari Edit – Look 03

C$ 337


Embroidered Net – Sari Edit – Look 02

C$ 337


Embroidered Medium Silk – Sari Edit – Look 01

C$ 337

Embroidered Organza – Glossier Look 10

C$ 223

Embroidered Organza – Glossier look 09

C$ 223

Table of Contents

AIK Atelier pk is a luxurious Pakistani clothing brand that always exudes elegance and timeless beauty. Boasting over five decades of embroidery experience, this brand was founded by three brothers as an ode to their forebears while staying relevant within today’s rapidly evolving fashion landscape. AIK derives its name from the Urdu word “aik”, meaning one, to represent family cohesion within this family-run company.

AIK’s third-generation family leaders now oversee its business, creating an elevated culture honouring the founders’ values. AIK combines traditional craft techniques with cutting-edge technology to produce stunning clothing pieces that witness AIK’s dedication to excellence.

AIK Atelier pk stands out for its uncompromising dedication to quality. Each piece is hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans trained in traditional embroidery using only premium materials – their meticulous attention to detail is visible in their collections with intricate designs, exquisite details and luxurious fabrics.

AIK Atelier’s brand values and commitment to environmental stewardship can also be seen through their commitment to sustainability. This fashion icon recognizes the Pakistani fashion industry’s impact on the planet and strives to reduce its carbon footprint using sustainable materials and ethical production processes. This brand is a testament to this principle as they work toward responsible care for their planet.

AIK Atelier’s collections meet all tastes and preferences – from classic bridal attire to trendy contemporary clothing. The brand offers products designed for women who appreciate quality, timeless elegance, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Latest Collection from Aik Atelier pk

Aik Atelier has placed a special focus on wedding gowns. Shadi Dress, an expert wedding dress provider in Canada, recently launched all festive and wedding collections from this emerging Pakistani clothing brand.

Wedding Festive Collection 2023

When it comes to luxurious and stylish fashion, Aik Atelier stands tall as one of the leading names. Their latest offering, Wedding Festive Collection 2023, is the same.

Aik Atelier has once again taken fashion by storm with its stunning Wedding Festive collection, boasting over 30 Pakistani designer outfits and won the young ladies’ hearts as always. This impressive array of clothes shows just what this brand excels at producing.

Aik Atelier has taken it further by offering each outfit in two styles, giving buyers even more choices to select an ensemble for their 2023 Wedding Festive Collection. From Indian wedding sarees and lehengas with kurtas to stylish maxi suits – Aik Atelier has included them all!

As for fabrics, this brand has chosen elegant net, organza, and raw silk fabrics renowned for their elegance and opulence. Furthermore, stunning embroidery and embellishments on each ensemble add further grandeur to this collection.

Threaded details to meticulous beadwork make each Aik Atelier outfit an intricate masterpiece and continue to be popular among brides-to-be and wedding guests.

So, if you want to make an impression at your next wedding event, look no further than Aik Atelier’s Wedding Festive Collection. It is safely to say that all eyes will be on you when you walk in wearing one of their exquisite creations from this outstanding line – don’t miss this chance to stand out with style with their collection – it truly represents luxury and style!

Glossier Organza and Tulle 23

Fashion enthusiasts have surely heard about Aik Atelier’s Glossier Organza and Tulle collection for Pakistani designer clothing – which features 10 stunning net and organza designs that will leave them mesmerized! If fashion is your passion, take advantage of this trend in designer wear from Pakistan – its sheer magnificence will have you spellbound.

What sets this collection apart is its comprehensive nature: featuring nine shalwar kameez designs and one long slit gown, perfect for any special occasion like a wedding, party, or formal event. Each top in this collection extends up to the ankle or at least below the knee; when combined with wide-leg trousers, they give an elegant yet comfortable appearance.

Glossier Organza and Tulle collection stand out due to its exquisite hand-embroidery, intricate sequin work, and delicate crystal tassels – these details add an air of sophistication and glamour that make each outfit suitable for those seeking to make a fashion statement with their fashion choices.

Aik Atelier’s Lawn Vol-1 and Vol-2 Collections

Summer has arrived, and with it comes Aik Atelier’s Lawn Vol-1 and Vol-2 Collections – boasting vibrant colours and trendy styles that make this season stand out! As one of Pakistan’s premier fashion icons, Aik Atelier proudly unveils Volumes 1 and 2 as part of their Lawn Collections to keep you looking your best in this scorching heatwave.

Canadian Pakistani and Indian ladies love Pakistani lawn suits from this stylish Pakistani fashion brand! It’s no secret why! Their collection combines traditional and modern elements, making an impressionful statement wherever it goes—featuring intricate threadwork designs and vibrant colour palettes that will turn heads wherever worn!

Style doesn’t need to sacrifice comfort with Aik Atelier’s Lawn Vol-1 and Vol-2 Collections. These outfits are crafted from high-quality fabric explicitly designed to keep you cool in the heat of summer days, while their variety of styles, like three-piece suits, kurtas and more, allow you to mix and match for your customized look.

So don’t wait: add Aik Atelier’s Lawn Vol-1 and Vol-2 Collections to your wardrobe and step out in style this summer.

Where to Buy Aik Atelier Designer Clothes Online in Canada?

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Aik Atelier