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Embroidered Net - Dilaab 502

Embroidered Net – Dilaab 502

C$ 433

Embroidered Chiffon - Nahla 503

Embroidered Chiffon – Nahla 503

C$ 499

Embroidered Organza - Meena 509

Out of stock

Embroidered Organza – Meena 509

C$ 433

Embroidered Organza - Roohi 524

Embroidered Organza – Roohi 524

C$ 302

Embroidered Organza - Fareena 523

Embroidered Organza – Fareena 523

C$ 257

Embroidered Organza - Gulbadan 522

Embroidered Organza – Gulbadan 522

C$ 361

Embroidered Organza - Niloufer 521

Embroidered Organza – Niloufer 521

C$ 361

Embroidered Organza - Hareem 520

Embroidered Organza – Hareem 520

C$ 361

Embroidered Organza - Naveera 519

Embroidered Organza – Naveera 519

C$ 309

Embroidered Organza - Lajwanti 526

Embroidered Organza – Lajwanti 526

C$ 413

Embroidered Organza - Aatish 525

Embroidered Organza – Aatish 525

C$ 361

Korean Raw Silk - Mastani 528

Korean Raw Silk – Mastani 528

C$ 413

Embroidered Net - Zeeba 529

Embroidered Net – Zeeba 529

C$ 309

Embroidered Organza - Manisha 530

Embroidered Organza – Manisha 530

C$ 285

Embroidered Organza - Rameen 527

Embroidered Organza – Rameen 527

C$ 302

Embroidered Organza - Begum Bano

Embroidered Organza – Begum Bano

C$ 378

Korean Silk - Maya 532

Korean Silk – Maya 532

C$ 343

Embroidered Organza - Malini 531

Embroidered Organza – Malini 531

C$ 309

Embroidered Organza - Farida 538

Embroidered Organza – Farida 538

C$ 413

Korean Raw Silk - Atika 537

Korean Raw Silk – Atika 537

C$ 433

Akbar Aslam is one of Canada’s premier luxury women’s Pakistani fashion brands and has gained global renown for blending modern aesthetics with traditional designs. Established five years ago as a small Pakistani boutique, Akbar Aslam pk has grown into an established household name known for exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Pakistani clothing brand was established to offer high-end ethnic women’s wear while remaining true to age-old traditions, thus distinguishing itself among luxury brands and becoming popular among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities. This special combination has cemented the brand’s place among its rivals, making it a favourite among both.

Akbar Aslam Pk continues to push boundaries and create timeless pieces that capture the spirit of contemporary Pakistani fashion with each collection. Their success can be credited to their founder, who has an acute eye for fashion and an in-depth knowledge of quickly evolving market trends.

Akbar Aslam stands out from its competition because of its luxurious fabrics and intricate designs and its commitment to sustainability. It utilizes traditional techniques while working closely with local artisans to preserve their art while creating gorgeous pieces with ethical and social responsibility in mind.

Akbar Aslam Formal Collection 2023

Welcome to Akbar Aslam Formals Collection 2023, an exquisite and luxurious volume dedicated to formal wear that meets women’s demand for only the highest-quality designs for their formal wardrobes.

With over 30 luxury designer outfits spanning every style and colour imaginable, this collection has quickly become the go-to selection for women looking to make a statement at Pakistani or Indian weddings and formal events. Ranging from lehenga cholis and sharara suits to stunning Pakistani maxi dresses – it offers something for every occasion!

But what sets Akbar Aslam apart from other luxury brands? The answer lies in his meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality materials. Each outfit is meticulously hand-crafted with intricate embellishments such as sequins, beads, pearls and tassels – even more unique is his use of traditional techniques such as taar work, resham work and sheesha work for added cultural heritage in these contemporary designs.

The brand has chosen an elegant and bold colour palette for his Pakistani clothing that exudes sophistication and grace, perfect for weddings and festive ceremonies. These Pakistani clothes truly radiate sophistication and elegance.

Shadi Dress is pleased to offer Akbar Aslam’s Ready-to-Wear Collection online in Canada, providing convenient browsing and purchasing. Shop from your own home!

Akbar Aslam Is Pushing Pakistani Bridal Dresses to New Heights

Looking for that special bridal attire that will add even more beauty and memories to your special day? Look no further than Akbar Aslam’s bridal collection.

This bridal edition is known for its intricate hand embellishments and meticulous attention to detail, creating exquisite ensembles with every stitch meticulously placed by hand. Every gown or lehenga crafted by this brand leaves its audience enchanted.

From playful tilla, sequin, and Kiran work to intricate gotta, dabka, and Mukesh designs, every element of these dresses has been thoughtfully considered and executed flawlessly. The utilization of sheesha work and resham threads adds elegance and sophistication to these already stunning pieces.

Akbar Aslam stands out with their bridal collection due to their use of three-dimensional floral encrusts intricately designed into geometric patterns – making their designs stand out on your special day. These unique and intricate pieces will undoubtedly make you look unforgettable now!

If you want to elevate your bridal look, visit our Pakistani bridal dresses collection webpage – you won’t be disappointed! They offer a stunning selection of wedding gowns that can help make your dream wedding come true – explore them today & let Akbar Aslam turn your vision of wedding fashion into reality. Happy shopping!

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