Athiya Shetty styled stellar in a Majestic Pastel Chikankari Lehenga For Her Mehendi.

Athiya Shetty styled stellar in a Majestic Pastel Chikankari Lehenga For Her Mehendi.-1

Athiya Shetty stuns as a bride in a pastel Chikankari Lehenga, blending traditional artistry with modern elegance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Ethereal Elegance: Athiya’s outfit, embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals, exemplifies contemporary glamour.
  2. Chikankari Heritage: This intricate embroidery technique offers bride attire steeped in luxury and legacy.
  3. Style Symphony: Athiya’s bridal fashion journey harmonizes traditions with contemporary fashion notes.
  4. Sentimental Sparkle: Athiya’s heirloom earrings add an emotional undertone to her sophisticated look.
  5. Chikankari Charm: The Lehenga’s adaptability makes it an enduring choice for modern brides.
  6. Ready-to-Wear: Embrace this handcrafted magnificence with ready-to-wear Chikankari Lehengas from Shadi Dress.

Bollywood’s fashion icon, Athiya Shetty, recently transformed into an ethereal bride at her mehendi ceremony, donning a pastel Chikankari Lehenga that left fashion aficionados and brides-to-be in absolute awe.

Crafted by the illustrious designer Anjul Bhandari, the lehenga fused traditional artistry with contemporary elegance, epitomizing the fine line between vintage art and modern charm.

Ethereal Elegance: Athiya’s Handcrafted Ensemble

The spotlight was undeniably on Athiya’s statement piece, which turned heads and set social media abuzz. The ensemble is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of 24 handwoven Kalis, delicately lined with pearls and embellished with over 39,000 Swarovski crystals. Every pearl and sparkle worked harmoniously, creating a breathtaking bridal outfit that oozes contemporary glamour.

Chikankari: Weaving Threads of Royalty

Chikankari’s origins, traced back to the Mughal courts, continue to dominate bridal couture with its regal and intricate embroidery. The technique flourishes under the dexterity of seasoned artisans who weave magic through their hands, offering brides an attire drenched in luxury and legacy.

A Symphony of Style: Athiya’s Bridal Fashion Journey

Athiya Shetty’s bridal fashion saga has been spectacular, with each attire narrating a tale of splendour. The latter performances were her Anamika Khanna lehenga for the wedding and ivory-gold Ritu Kumar beauty for her haldi, yet her Chikankari ensemble was the crescendo, harmonizing traditions with contemporary fashion notes.

The Sentimental Sparkle: Accessorizing with Heritage

Amidst the glitz, what added an emotional undertone to Athiya’s sophisticated look was her choice of earrings—a treasure trove from her grandmother. These earrings weren’t just jewels; they were heirlooms whispering histories, making her bridal getup all the more poignant.

Chikankari Charm: A Modern Spin on a Classic

The Chikankari Lehenga’s ability to morph into a canvas that embraces both time-honoured patterns and vogue elements is genuinely noteworthy. This adaptabilityIt makes it an enduring choice for the bride who paints her dream wedding with strokes of age-old elegance and modish flair.

In a grand finale of sartorial elegance, Athiya Shetty’s fashionable moment is an ode to the magical Chikankari. This art form dances gracefully between the antique and the avant-garde. And for those captivated by this spectacle, the good news is that you, too, can embody this handcrafted magnificence. Slide into trendsetting tradition with ready-to-wear Chikankari Lehengas from our store, Shadi Dress. Celebrate your big day draped in the luxury of sustainable fashion that’s just a click away. Get ready to be a showstopper!

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