Ayeza Khan Looked Ethereal in Asim Jofa’s Velvet Lehenga

Lehenga is undoubtedly among the most popular choices for weddings and formal events in the 21st century. Ayeza Khan, the renowned Pakistani actress, recently stunned in a velvet lehenga designed by the famous Asim Jofa at her brother’s mehndi ceremony. Asim Jofa’s velvet lehenga collection has created quite a buzz in the Pakistani fashion industry. Let us explore the details of Ayeza Khan’s outfit and cover everything you need to know about designer velvet lehengas.

Asim Jofa’s Velvet Lehenga: A Regal Masterpiece

The velvet lehenga worn by Ayeza Khan was a splendid display of intricate embroidery in antique gold, adding richness to the design. The ensemble included an embroidered shirt displaying opulence in every stitch. The embroidered daaman and motifs on the sleeves and a velvet shawl featuring two side borders and motifs at the pallu corners made for a regal masterpiece. Asim Jofa’s signature touch was evident in every aspect of his outfit, showcasing his impeccable craftsmanship and creative flair.

Design Details: An Exquisite Blend of Artistry and Elegance

The velvet lehenga worn by Ayeza Khan was not just another designer lehenga. It was an exquisite blend of artistry and elegance, carefully crafted to make the wearer feel like royalty. The embroidery on the velvet shawl featured two side borders on velvet and an embroidered border for the pallu on organza. The embroidered motifs for the pallu corner of the shawl also added to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The shirt displayed detailed embroidery on the front center panel on the chiffon, with two pairs of embroidered side panels on the right and left for the front. The back center panel on the chiffon and two pairs of embroidered side panels for the back made the outfit look complete. The embroidered border for the front and back daman on chiffon and embroidered sleeves with border on chiffon added a touch of glamour. Finally, the two embroidered motifs for the sleeves on the organza complemented the overall design.

Velvet Lehenga: The Ultimate Choice for Weddings and Formal Events

In recent years, velvet lehengas have become the ultimate choice for weddings and formal events. The fabric offers a luxurious feel with its lustrous surface and soft texture, making it perfect for various festivities. A designer velvet lehenga is all about tradition and its timeless charm. Ayeza Khan’s velvet lehenga by Asim Jofa was a perfect example of how velvet can create an unforgettable outfit.


The fashion world has always been about trying new trends and styles. The velvet lehenga by Asim Jofa, worn by Ayeza Khan, is a testament to the designer’s skill in translating traditional embroidery techniques into modern designs. The popularity of designer velvet lehengas is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. This fabric’s intricate embroidery, luxurious feel, and timeless appeal make it a perfect choice for weddings and formal events. So, a designer velvet lehenga is the way to go if you’re looking for an outfit that exudes style and elegance.

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