Cross Stitch PK: Buy Ready to Wear Dresses in Canada Online

Embroidered Lawn - Pale Green

Embroidered Lawn – Pale Green

C$ 223

Embroidered Lawn - Ruby Maze

Embroidered Lawn – Ruby Maze

C$ 171

Embroidered Lawn - Sapid Foliate

Embroidered Lawn – Sapid Foliate

C$ 223

Embroidered Lawn - Sylvan Flare

Embroidered Lawn – Sylvan Flare

C$ 219

Embroidered Lawn - Noir Ornate

Embroidered Lawn – Noir Ornate

C$ 219

Chikankari lawn ICY MINT

Chikankari lawn – Icy Mint

C$ 250

Chikankari lawn INSIGNIA BLUE

Out of stock

Chikankari lawn – Insignia Blue

C$ 240

Chikankari lawn DAFFODIL BLANE

Chikankari lawn – Daffodil Blane

C$ 223

Chikankari lawn FLORAL WAVE

Chikankari lawn – Floral Wave

C$ 219

Chikankari lawn DUSKY SABLE

Chikankari lawn – Dusky Sable

C$ 219


Chikankari lawn – Cerise Loft

C$ 223

Chikankari lawn - Lilac Bloom by Cross Stitch

Chikankari lawn – Lilac Bloom by Cross Stitch

C$ 223


Out of stock

Embroidered khaddar – Tango Plum

C$ 223


Embroidered Linen – Smoky Fleck

C$ 171


Embroidered khaddar – Ethnic Groove

C$ 223

Embroidered linen Misty Bloom 1

Embroidered Linen – Misty Bloom

C$ 142


Out of stock

Embroidered Linen – Teal Waters

C$ 171


Embroidered khaddar – Tan Hues

C$ 219


Out of stock

Embroidered Linen – Cosmic Sky

C$ 219


Embroidered khaddar – Ivory Hartley

C$ 219

Cross Stitch PK has earned a prominent place in Pakistani fashion industry thanks to their commitment to excellence and dedication in providing superior quality products. Their excellence stands out among their competitors with high quality eastern unstitched fabrics to ready-to-wear fashion options that cater to their diverse clientele base. Furthermore, as industry leaders they continue their dedication in keeping up with fashion trends so their customers become trendsetters rather than followers!

At Shadi Dress, we are thrilled to be an authorized retailer of Cross Stitch dresses in Canada, giving customers access to luxury fashion without leaving home! As authorized retailers of this iconic brand, our commitment is in providing customers with only top quality merchandise that encapsulate its vision of accessible luxury fashion.

Cross Stitch PK offers clothing options suitable for every special event or casual wear occasion, from bridesmaid dresses to everyday apparel. Their exquisite fabric selection features intricate embroidery designs, vibrant prints, and exquisite embellishments that demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction and innovation.

Their exquisite collections boast intricate embroidery work, captivating prints, and breathtaking embellishments – truly an example of Cross Stitch’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction! Cross Stitch takes great pride in producing timeless designs with sophistication and elegance that come out shining brightest.

Cross Stitch PK‘s clothing offerings extend well beyond apparel; recently they expanded into accessories, offering shoes and perfume to complement their fashion offerings. Cross Stitch’s comprehensive wardrobe solutions demonstrate their dedication to offering their valued patrons one-stop solutions for all their fashion needs.

As Cross Stitch PK expands and develops their brand, Shadi Dress looks forward to offering their exquisite collection to customers across Canada. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with Cross Stitch’s ethos and guarantees an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.

Buy Ready to Wear Cross Stitch PK Dresses in Canada

Cross Stitch PK’s ready to wear Pakistani clothes are now available at Shadi Dress! This exciting partnership joins two iconic brands dedicated to providing customers with affordable luxury fashion. At Shadi Dress, we understand the value of quality and style; that is why we are pleased to bring these timeless Cross Stitch designs directly to our valued customers.