Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar

Hey there, fashionistas! Today, we’re diving into Pakistani fashion, specifically the latest collection from the renowned brand Qlamkar. Ladies, get ready to be wowed by the Dilnaz Wedding Formals 23 collection, where traditional Pakistani aesthetics meet modern Canadian style. Let’s unwrap this treasure trove of elegance, one outfit at a time.


Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar

Embroidered Masoori – DN-01 Imaan: Elegance Personified

First up is “DN-01 Imaan by Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar” an embroidered Masoori masterpiece that screams Pakistani clothes elegance. It’s like a love letter to the classic masonry fabric, adorned with intricate gotta embroidery that dances around the bodice and throughout the lehenga. The detailing on the Kallis, borders, and dupatta add charm to this graceful number.

Sabrina” – Grandeur in Radiant Dark Teal Opulence

Next, we have the radiant dark teal ensemble, “Sabrina y Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar” This one’s for the divas who love a blend of grandeur and luxury. Its flared pathways, luxurious sharara, and detailed handwork make it the perfect outfit to make a bold statement at any event.

Embroidered Raw Silk – DN-03 Zaina: Opulent Perfection

The third gem in this collection is the embroidered raw silk “DN-03 Zaina y Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar.” This piece is about opulence – think rich, dark red raw silk, delicately hand-embroidered with gotta work and lace. The detailing on the neckline, panels, sleeves, and borders gives it a timeless glam vibe, making it a must-have for your wardrobe.

Embroidered Organza – DN-04 Kanza: Resplendent Angrakha Frock

Moving on, we have “DN-04 Kanza y Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar” a resplendent Angrakha frock made of delicate organza. The handcrafted gotta embroidery motifs and Kallis, combined with the matching jacquard-woven dupatta and raw silk trousers, make this outfit a true spectacle of regal splendour.

Samara – Embodied Elegance in Peachy-Pink Hues

“Peachy-pink Hues y Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar” is the game’s name with “Samara.” This organza embroidered pishwas, adorned with handcrafted gotta embellishments, epitomizes elegance. The net dupatta and raw silk trousers add a touch of sophistication, making it a perfect outfit for any elegant gathering.

Fariza – Tranquility in Tea-Green Short Shirt

Next in line is “Fariza y Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar,” a tranquil tea-green short shirt that pairs perfectly with layered sharara pants in raw silk. The delicate embroidery and embellishments give this ensemble a contemporary twist, making it a stylish option for comfort seekers.

Aleena – Timeless Elegance in Dark Claret Hue

“Aleena” is all about timeless elegance. The dark claret hue raw silk shirt, adorned with exquisite gotta embroidery motifs, paired with sharara pants and an embroidered dupatta, adds a grandeur that will leave everyone in awe.

Inayaa – Breathtaking Multishade Canvas

Last but certainly not least, we have “Inayaa  y Dilnaz wedding formals 23 by Qlamkar” a breathtaking multishade canvas that showcases front gathers, handmade gotta embroidery, tassels, motifs, and lace embellishments. The sheer organza dupatta and raw silk embroidered sharara pants complete the look, adding a modern twist to the traditional ensemble.

 Ladies, the Dilnaz Wedding Formals 23 by Qlamkar collection is a fashion lover’s dream come true. Whether you’re into classic elegance or contemporary chic, this collection has something for every Pakistani lady living in Canada. So, why wait? Step up your fashion game with these stunning outfits from Qlamkar. It’s time to shine, ladies!

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