Emaan Adeel’s Eshaal Collection 2023

Emaan Adeel’s Eshaal Collection 2023 is a luxurious line of Pakistani Dresses that will make you sparkle and shine in any event. With beautiful designs made from chiffon, organza, and net fabrics, these ten dazzling suits will be sure to make heads turn. This collection features intricate embroidery with vibrant embellishments that bring each piece to life. The luxurious fabric and unique designs are perfect for formal occasions or just dressing up for a night out with friends. No matter what your style or desired look may be, Emaan Adeel’s Eshaal Collection 2023 has something special to offer everyone.

Embroidered Organza ESH-01

This is an elegantly designed outfit that incorporates intricate embroidery on the front and back panels as well as on the sleeves. It’s perfect for formal occasions, and the ready-to-wear dupatta makes it easy to put on and take off. The trousers are made from dyed raw silk, adding a touch of luxury to the ensemble.

Embroidered Organza ESH-02

This is an exquisite piece of clothing that is perfect for formal occasions. The organza fabric is sheer and has a beautifully embroidered design. The front, sleeves, and back of the dress are all adorned with delicate embroidery. There is also lace trimming on the dress and trousers. The chiffon dupatta completes the look. This awesome outfit from Emaan Adeel’s Eshaal Collection 2023 will make you feel like a princess!

Embroidered Organza ESH-05

This gorgeous Embroidered Organza ESH-05 is perfect for any special occasion! The intricate Adda Work Embroidery on the neckline, front, back, sleeves, and border are stunning, and the ready-to-wear Dupatta and dyed Raw silk Trousers complete the look. This garment is sure to make you feel like a princess at your next big event!

Embroidered Chiffon ESH-04

Looking for an elegant and effortlessly chic outfit for your next formal event? Look no further than this stunning chiffon embroidered outfit! The front center panel, front right and left panels, and sleeves are adorned with beautiful embroidery, while the back is made from sheer chiffon for a really special look. Plus, the organza borders on the front and back of the outfit add a touch of luxury. You’ll love wearing this ready-to-wear attire from Emaan Adeel’s Eshaal Collection 2023 with its comfortable and flattering fit. Just add your favorite heels and you’re good to go!

Embroidered Net  ESH-03

Looking for an elegant and stylish dress that is perfect for a special occasion? Then look no further than the Embroidered Net ESH-03. This beautiful dress features net embroidered front panels, back panels, and sleeves, as well as an organza embroidered front and back border. The dress also comes with a ready-to-wear net embroidered dupatta and dyed raw silk trousers.

Embroidered Net ESH-06

Looking for a unique and stylish outfit for your next special occasion? Check out this amazing Embroidered Net ESH-06 dress! Made from high-quality materials, this dress is sure to impress. It features a stunning net-embroidered front body, net-embroidered back body, and net-embroidered front and back panels. Plus, it comes with beautiful organza embroidered front and back border as well as organza embroidered front and back body lace. And if that’s not enough, the dress also includes an organza embroidered applique lace. So what are you waiting for? Order your Embroidered Net ESH-06 dress today!

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