8th Annual HUM Awards 2022

The HUM Awards were a fashion symphony of the season, showcasing Pakistan’s entertainment sovereignty with star-studded performances and jaw-dropping fashion statements.

Key Takeaways

The event was a blend of music, dance, and humour, featuring performances from Atif Aslam, Azaan Sami Khan, Hania Amir, Farhan Saeed, Mahira Khan, Bilal Ashraf, and Ahmed Ali Butt.

  1. Celebrities dazzled the red carpet with their fashion choices, including Sonya Hussyn’s pink saree, Hania Amir’s silver dream, Ushna Shah’s red fishtail fantasy, Iqra Aziz’s hand-painted elegance, Aymen Saleem’s beaded monochrome glory, Saboor Aly’s ruffled statement, Ayeza Khan’s mirror work marvel, and Zara Noor Abbas’s crimson elegance.
  2. Sana Javed stole the show in her ethereal gold lehenga choli, setting a new standard for bridal elegance.
  3. Shadi Dress offers ready-to-wear versions of these stunning Pakistani branded cltohes allowing fans to recreate the magic of the HUM Awards at home.

Whispers of couture, the rustling of silk, and the sizzling of celebrity charisma – the HUM Awards were not just an event; they were the fashion symphony of the season. In a striking spectacle that captivated an audience of 15,000 on-site and millions across 50+ countries, we revelled in the success story scripted by Pakistan’s entertainment sovereignty.

The Kickoff to Stardom

Picture this: a kaleidoscope of stars under the Canadian skies, opening to anthems that tug at heartstrings. Enter Atif Aslam and Azaan Sami Khan, whose voices resonated with the echoes of melodies while lighting the fuse for a night of unstoppable revelries.

Star Performances Lighting Up the Great White North

Twirls, swirls, and everything that spells ‘entertainment’ – Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed brought down the house in sheer energy, followed by Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf, who didn’t just dance; they told stories with their moves. And when laughter rippled through the crowd like a bonfire of joy, we knew Ahmed Ali Butt was the wildfire behind it.

Fashion That Wrote Headlines

Red carpets are to celebrities what canvases are to painters – and oh, how our stars painted the town in hues of elegance and boldness! The who’s who of the vogue galaxy turned the evening into a catwalk, draping themselves in ensembles that spoke louder than words.

The Ensemble Roll-Call

  1. Sonya Hussyn’s Pink Charm: In a saree that shimmered gracefully, Sonya Hussyn embodied allure and splendour.
  2. Hania Amir’s Silver Dream: Captivating embroidered work, a sleek decorum set by a bun, and the sparkle of earrings – a vision in silver.
  3. Ushna Shah’s Red Fishtail Fantasy: Mermaid cuts have never looked this mesmerizing, and Ushna Shah, adorned in crimson, redefined seductive charm.
  4. Iqra Aziz’s Hand-painted Elegance: With her beau by her side, Iqra was a walking masterpiece, wrapped in a canvas of hand-painted whimsy.
  5. Aymen Saleem’s Beaded Monochrome Glory: Talk about a bead-studded phenomenon; Aymen Saleem’s gown was pure innovation on fabric.
  6. Saboor Aly’s Ruffled Statement: In black and ruffles, Saboor Aly was the night’s edgy queen, offset by a choker that screamed regal.
  7. Ayeza Khan’s Mirror Work Marvel: Radiance personified, Ayeza’s lehenga was a fairy-tale woven with mirror work magic and a touch of noble emerald.
  8. Zara Noor Abbas & Her Crimson Elegance: She didn’t just wear red; she owned it with every fibre of that sumptuous saree.

Fashion’s Finest Hour – Sana Javed’s Ethereal Gold Lehenga Choli Epitome

Crowning the event’s fashion euphoria, Sana Javed graced the cameras in a gold lehenga choli that didn’t just turn heads – it halted time. Magnificently ornate yet tastefully bedazzling, she personified the essence of bridal elegance. And for those seeking to emulate such breathtaking beauty, the dream becomes a reality at Shadi Dress, where you can own this piece of heaven, ready to wear and bewitch.

In an explosion of talent and style, this year’s HUM extravaganza set a new crescendo in the cultural concerto. From floor-sweeping gowns to the sophistication that strutted the red carpet, every star-studded moment was an ode to the timeless craft from the heart of Pakistan.

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