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Ishq Aatish Collection by Emaan Adeel

Emaan Adeel, known for its blend of traditional and contemporary fashion, has once again demonstrated its mastery with its latest volume – Ishq Aatish. With ten dresses featuring intricate embroidery techniques, luxurious silk fabrics, and striking colour palettes – Emaan Adeel’s Ishq Aatish collection offers stylish formal event dresses perfect for special occasions.

Ishq Aatish Collection

Emaan Adeel’s Ishq Aatish Collection fuses traditional Pakistani designs with contemporary aesthetics to offer something original and sophisticated for those searching for something different and distinctive. Each piece is expertly created by master artisans, with meticulous attention paid to every stitch, ensuring that every stitch is perfect!

Ishq Aatish Collection offers styles spanning traditional shalwar kameez to contemporary sharara dresses – ideal for any special occasion. Fabric options range from organza, chiffon, Raw silk, and Shamoz silk, so there’s sure to be something suitable for every taste and skin tone in this range of fabrics and colors that make creating unique outfits easy and stylish!

Emaan Adeel’s Ishq Aatish Collection can be found online at Shadi Dress – one of Canada’s premier online retailers of Pakistani clothing for women. Each piece in this exquisite collection has been meticulously handcrafted for maximum comfort and breathability, creating the ideal blend of elegance, sophistication, and breathability – the ideal collection for fashionistas looking to make an impression at any special event!

What distinguishes the Ishq Aatish Collection from other Pakistani clothing brands is its attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted carefully, ensuring every stitch is perfect, and every detail is thoughtfully considered. The collection proves Emaan Adeel’s dedication to providing high-quality apparel that caters to fashionistas everywhere.

Ishq Aatish Collection by Emaan Adeel Products Details

Anaya is an exquisite blue ensemble boasting intricate chiffon embroidery, organza borders, and beautiful stitchwork for an eye-catching appearance.

Rumeysa has also been expertly handcrafted using premium fabrics, boasting exquisite chiffon embroidery, multi-sequin embellishments, and crystal tassels that adorn the sleeves, kameez hem, and dupattas.

Roohi is a superb Shalwar Kameez with hand-made chiffon embroidery and Shamoz silk borders for added effect. The trousers feature cutwork designs, while its dupatta boasts crystal tassels for an eye-catching touch.

Fareeda from Ishq Aatish Collection contains intricate hand-made embroidery on its front and back panels with beautiful cutwork designs, crystal tassels, and eye-catching crystal tassels for a striking appearance. High-quality raw silk trousers with chathmas blue fabric complete this sophisticated ensemble.

Ishq Aatish by Eman Adeel presents yet another masterpiece; Farah, made from premium quality chiffon fabric with exquisite hand-made embellishments, featuring crystal tassels on sleeves and back panels, organza-embroidered borders, as well as yellow raw silk trousers.

The Hana dress from this release combines luxurious smooth chiffon fabric with delicate embroidery, stylish cutwork details, and crystal tassel tassels on its sleeve borders for an exquisite aesthetic.

Zora from the same collection is an elegant ensemble featuring intricately embroidered chiffon on front and back panels with organza borders, sleeves lace motifs, and a multicolored sequence dupatta with organza borders, adding further beauty.

Maisha from Ishq Aatish Collection showcases elegant hand-made front, back, and sleeves featuring exquisite chiffon embroidery with organized border embellishment; raw silk trousers complete the ensemble’s look.

Gul Bano features an eye-catching design featuring organza embroidery on hand-sewn organza fabric.

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