Iznik PK: Buy Ready to Wear Dresses

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 01

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 01

C$ 240

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 12

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 12

C$ 274

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 11

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 11

C$ 274

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 08

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 08

C$ 257

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 07

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 07

C$ 274

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 04

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 04

C$ 274

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 10

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 10

C$ 274

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 05

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 05

C$ 257

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 03

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 03

C$ 274

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 02

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 02

C$ 274

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 09

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 09

C$ 257

Embroidered Lawn - NKG 06

Embroidered Lawn – NKG 06

C$ 257

Embroidered Net - CC 25 Rebecca

Embroidered Net – CC 25 Rebecca

C$ 274

Embroidered Georgette Chiffon - CC 24 Bianca

Embroidered Georgette Chiffon – CC 24 Bianca

C$ 274

Embroidered Net - CC 28 Keeya

Embroidered Net – CC 28 Keeya

C$ 274

Embroidered Net - CC 39 Bareen

Embroidered Net – CC 39 Bareen

C$ 285

Embroidered Net - CC 37 Aida

Embroidered Net – CC 37 Aida

C$ 285

Embroidered Chiffon - CC 31 Alya

Embroidered Chiffon – CC 31 Alya

C$ 274

Embroidered Chiffon - CC 40 Keziah

Embroidered Chiffon – CC 40 Keziah

C$ 285

Embroidered Chiffon - CC 36 Damiyah

Embroidered Chiffon – CC 36 Damiyah

C$ 285

Iznik PK is an iconic Pakistani fashion label known for combining niche styles and embellishments in ethnic wear for desi women and established and nurtured over three generations of fabric pioneers from Pakistani fashion industry, making Iznik PK an example of quality fashion design.

At Iznik PK, style isn’t simply a form of luxury but also an indispensable source of empowerment for modern women. The brand’s mission is to offer classy yet chic and trendy Pakistani branded clothes that complements Pakistani ladies’ lifestyle; with a philosophy focused on giving back to society, the team strive to become one of their chosen lifestyle options for modern women. Their collection of ethnic wear is refined yet fashionable – meeting the fashion needs of different clientele in Canada.

The brand’s designers utilize only premium pure silk threads when crafting their exclusive collections, with vibrant palettes combining cheerful hues that encapsulate modern Pakistani fashion. Furthermore, their embroidery quality sets new standards among ethnic wear brands; each outfit boasts unrivalled attention to detail and quality, creating trend-setting pure silk collections from Iznik.

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Iznik PK’s dedication to originality, purity, and originality has propelled them onto the cutting-edge of fashion, style, and persona. Their vast network of retailers provides easy access to their collections; online sales of Iznik Fashion’s dresses allow customers to buy them without ever leaving home!

Shadi Dress is an online e-store providing Pakistani brands, like Iznik PK, access to an international market. Their exclusive collections are on Shadi Dress’s website so Canadians can experience this Pakistani brand’s signature ethnic wear designs. The brand and its partnership with Shadi Dress can now make quality fashion options that reflect Pakistani culture accessible.

Buy Iznik PK Latest Collections At Shadi Dress

Here at Shadi Dress in Canada, we carry a selection of their classic clothing volumes. These include Festive Velvet 23, Chinon Chiffon Vol 3, Pret Wear by Iznik, and Festive Velvet 23 by this versatile Pakistani fashion house.

Festive Velvet 23 by Iznik PK

Iznik PK brand has again led Pakistani fashion with their Festive Velvet 23 Collection. Featuring eight stunning dresses in dark colour schemes – perfect for festive events held during colder weather – the Festive Velvet 23 includes shalwar kameez, lehenga kurtas and Pakistani maxi dresses to provide ample options to women when selecting festive outfits for any festive event.

Festive Velvet 23 stands out with its exquisite use of the adda word embroidery technique in each outfit. It is an age-old art that creates beautiful patterns by interweaving threads from different colours to produce intricate and elegant effects. Festive Velvet 23 greatly shows this art by featuring classic yet modern outfits made using this traditional art.

Velvet fabric adds depth and dimension to this collection of designs, adding rich texture. Velvet has a timeless charm, yet this brand has used it with chic contemporary flair. Dresses feature stunning embellishments such as sequins, crystals and pearls for an extravagant and glamorous finish.

Women in Canada looking for striking and stunning Pakistani velvet suits should consider this collection, known as Festive Velvet 23. These suits make an eye-catching statement at any festive event, each dress showcasing its design and palette.

Overall, Iznik PK’s Festive Velvet 23 collection is an outstanding work from this Pakistani fashion house. Each dress in the collection exudes beauty, elegance and class with their use of adda word embroidery techniques that truly distinguish each look. A must-have collection for Pakistani fashion enthusiasts – it will make you shine at any festive event!

Chinon Chiffon Collection by Iznik PK: An Ideal Option for Pakistani and Indian Ladies Living in Canada

Chiffon fabric is beloved among Pakistani and Indian ladies living in Canada thanks to its elegant style and graceful texture. The brand stands out as an outstanding provider of this delicate fabric.

Iznik PK’s Chinon Collection again proves why they are the go-to brand for Pakistani chiffon suits. This exquisite collection showcases stunning designs all crafted from top quality chiffon fabric; from maroon and lilac maxi suits, white ghararas, pale pink frock suit to white ghararas and pal pink frocks, this collection boasts pieces worthy of art pieces!

What truly sets apart Chinon Chiffon collection is its exceptional craftsmanship. Utilizing various embroidery techniques, these dresses boast intricate and stunning designs that add an extra touch of elegance and make a statement in their beauty.

Buy Iznik PK Ready to Wear Dresses

Iznik PK is one of the premier fashion houses in Pakistan, and their ready to wear dresses are highly desired by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. If you love Pakistani clothing and are searching for Iznik dresses, Shadi Dress is your one-stop solution for all your fashion needs.

The brand is known for creating stunning and versatile outfits for casual and formal events, from exquisite embroidery designs to delicate detailing and luxurious fabrics that stand out. Their ready-to-wear dresses feature exquisite embroidery, exquisite details, and luxurious fabrics, which set them apart from their competition. From beautiful kurta sets to trendy three-piece suits – Iznik PK offers something suitable for every taste and preference.

At Shadi Dress, leading Pakistani clothing store,  we enjoy offering only the finest of Iznik PK’s ready-to-wear dresses. Our collection consists of some of their most desirable designs and styles for maximum impact – whether you prefer something subtle and understated or something more glamorous – you are sure to find exactly what you are searching for here!

Why wait? Browse our store for ready to wear dresses now and find your ideal ensemble for any upcoming special event. With high-quality fabrics, impeccable attention to detail, and competitive prices – we guarantee your satisfaction with each purchase. Allow us to bring the beauty of Pakistani fashion directly into your life and experience Iznik PK firsthand!

Final Thoughts

Iznik PK has made its mark in the fashion industry with its exquisite designs and premium quality materials, becoming an industry trendsetter through originality and excellence. Their partnership with Shadi Dress has given them access to international customers who can access Iznik PK collections globally, making this Pakistani fashion house an icon of quality and style nationally and internationally.