Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia

Are you ready to light up every room you enter this year, ladies? Imrozia, your ultimate go-to Pakistani designer brand, is back with a bang.do they have some show-stopping pieces for you? Their latest collection, Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia pk, promises a lot of sparkle and shine. From shimmering evening gowns to sequin-drenched jumpsuits, each piece is a masterclass in elegance and glamour. So, let’s dive into this sea of luxurious femininity without further ado!


Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia

Embroidered Organza – IB15DULCE 

First up is the stunning Embroidered Organza IB15DULCE by Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia. This beauty features intricate embroidery on the front and back yoke, setting the tone for a majestic outfit. The organza panels are delicately detailed, adding a touch of sophistication that’s impossible to ignore. And let’s not forget those embroidered organza sleeves – talk about arm candy! To top it all off, the net dupatta brings a whimsical touch to this ensemble. This piece is all about making a grand entrance!

Embroidered Organza – I171 Daniela 

Next in line is the oh-so-glamorous Embroidered Organza I171 Daniela by Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia. This stunner boasts an embroidered organza body, front and back, embellished with handcrafted details that add a unique charm. The chiffon ideal and organza sleeves keep things airy and light, while the net dupatta adds a dash of drama. With an embroidered raw silk trouser to complete the look, you’ll turn heads wherever you go!

Embroidered Net – I176 Alma 

The Embroidered Net I176 Alma is nothing short of a masterpiece. The front is adorned with beautiful net embroidery, while the neck is embellished with handmade organza details that will make a statement. The back and sleeves feature the same gorgeous net embroidery, and the organza borders add elegance. Paired with a dyed raw silk trouser, this Pakistani clothing is the definition of chic!

Embroidered Organza – I170 Aracely 

The Embroidered Organza I170 Aracely is for those who love to stand out. The front is beautifully embroidered and enhanced with handcrafted detailing. The back, sleeves, and trouser borders also feature the same exquisite embroidery, making this outfit a real showstopper. The net dupatta adds a final touch of elegance to this ensemble. Paired with a dyed raw silk trouser, this outfit by Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia screams style!

Embroidered Net – I173 Julietta 

Last but not least is the Embroidered Net I173 Julietta. This ensemble features a beautifully embroidered net front and back, with a handmade embellished organza neck that adds a hint of sophistication. The sleeves and trouser borders are adorned with the same beautiful embroidery, tying the whole look together. The net dupatta adds a playful touch, while the dyed raw silk trouser completes the look. This outfit is the perfect blend of stylish!

I177 Isabella – Embroidered Organza

The Isabella by Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia dress is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a whole mood. This embroidered organza masterpiece has so many trendy panels that they might as well have their own Instagram account. Each meeting, whether it’s the front center, right center, or left center, is embellished with handmade embroidery, giving you that irresistible sparkle.

The neck, back, and sleeves also feature embroidered organza, taking your fashion game to the next level. The dress comes with an eight-net dupatta embellished with stonework that will make you look like a walking piece of art. And remember the beautiful embroidered organza borders and motifs for the front, back, and sleeves.

I175 Martina – Embroidered Organza

Say hello to Martina, the dress that’s hotter than your ex and more fabulous than your next. The front, right, and left center panels are all embroidered organza embellished with handmade work that screams sophistication.

The back and sleeves continue the embroidered organza trend, giving you that extra edge. The dress is completed with an eight-net dupatta adorned with stonework that will turn heads wherever you go. The embroidered organza border for the front, back, and sleeves, and the dyed raw silk trousers, add the perfect finishing touch to this outfit by Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia.

I178 Adriana – Embroidered Chiffon

Meet Adriana by Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia, the dress that’s as bold and beautiful as you are. The front, back, and sleeves feature embroidered chiffon that is simply breathtaking. The dupatta, too, is made of embroidered chiffon, making it a perfect match for the dress.

The embroidered organza borders for the front, back, sleeves, and trousers add an element of elegance to the outfit. Paired with dyed raw silk trousers, this dress epitomizes style and comfort.

I169 Esmeralda – Embroidered Net

Last, we have Esmeralda, the dress that’s as unique and enchanting as its name. The front and sleeves feature an embroidered net, giving you that trendy look you’ve been craving. The back is made of a plain net, offering a refreshing contrast.

The dress comes with an embroidered net and organza dupatta, adding a touch of glamour to your outfit by Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia. The embroidered organza motifs for the back, front, and sleeves and the embroidered organza border for the trousers make this dress a must-have. Paired with dyed raw silk trousers, Esmeralda is the perfect choice for any fashion-forward lady.

So ladies, get ready to dazzle in these stunning outfits from the Le Étincelle Collection 2023 by Imrozia. This collection is about making a statement and letting your inner diva shine. Remember, life’s too short to wear boring clothes!

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