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Embroidered Lawn Amalfi Allure

Embroidered Lawn – Amalfi Allure

C$ 285


Embroidered Lawn – Roma Rapture

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Ravenna Romance

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Florence Finesse

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Capri Charm

C$ 285


Embroidered Lawn – Bella Belleza

C$ 285


Embroidered Lawn – Milano Moda

C$ 285


Embroidered Lawn – Ciao Couture

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Lucca Lure

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Tuscany Temptation

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Modena Magic

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Sardinia Splendor

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Amore Affair

C$ 302

Embroidered Lawn Piazza Panache 1

Embroidered Lawn – Piazza Panache

C$ 302


Embroidered Lawn – Italiano Intrigue

C$ 292


Embroidered Lawn – Venice Verve

C$ 285

Embroidered Velvet - GOLNAR-104U

Embroidered Velvet – GOLNAR-104U

C$ 378

Embroidered Velvet - ROXANA-106U

Embroidered Velvet – ROXANA-106U

C$ 378

Embroidered Velvet - SHAHINAZ-107U

Embroidered Velvet – SHAHINAZ-107U

C$ 378

Embroidered Velvet - SHIRIN-102U

Embroidered Velvet – SHIRIN-102U

C$ 378

Mushq PK has revolutionized Pakistani fashion since its establishment. Easily recognized for its sophisticated yet modern appeal, Mushq PK stands as an icon of sophistication that resonates with women in today’s style-savvy fashion. Boasting vibrant colors and intricate designs that suit every event or special occasion, Mushk PK has always strived to offer customers high-quality pieces that define vogue in Pakistan.

Mushq PK was founded to meet modern Pakistani women’s fashion needs and has quickly earned itself an excellent reputation. Their designs meet the demand for unique, stylish, yet affordable pieces suitable for every occasion, such as casual wear, formal wear, or something in between – the brand prides itself on offering exactly what its customers are asking for and surpassing their expectations!

Mushq PK believes in the power of fashion to empower women and build their confidence, inspiring them to embrace their individuality while keeping up with current fashion trends. Their range features formal wear with intricate embroideries, stylish kurtas, chic pants, and casual tops, all made to flatter curves while emphasizing women’s best features.

Mushq PK’s talented designers and artisans work tirelessly to bring their visions to life, drawing from traditional Pakistani styles while considering modern fashion trends to craft truly distinctive and breathtaking pieces that meet customer satisfaction. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with attention to every detail; quality is ensured; colors, patterns, and fabrics are abundant, allowing customers endless options from which to select!

Explore the latest Mushq PK collections available in Canada through Shadi Dress:

  • Mystique Luxury Pret Printed Organza
  • Izhar Unstitched Luxury Chiffon Collection
  • Tuscany Luxury Formals
  • Basic Embroidered Pret
  • Qala Unstitched Kamdaani Collection
  • Wisteria Winter Basics

Mystique Luxury Pret Printed Organza by Mushq PK

Mushq PK, a leading Pakistani clothing brand, recently unveiled its Mystique Luxury Pret Printed Organza Collection Featuring eight stunning pieces decorated with intricate embroidery techniques and explicitly designed to fit weddings, formal events, and festive occasions. This clothing line makes an impression at any special event or festive gathering!

This collection offers various styles that cater to diverse preferences, such as open gowns, lehenga cholis, maxis, angrakhas, and sarees. Incorporating high-quality organza fabric throughout all dresses offers luxurious yet comfortable wearability for wearers.

This embroidery line utilizes sequins, sequined laces, and threadwork embroidery techniques with intricate embellishments inspired by Pakistani traditional art and cultural patterns such as sequins, sequined laces, and 3D flowers; pearls frill samosa laces and sequined laces for its embellishments – including sequins, sequined patches thread work tassels beads 3D flowers pearls frills samosa laces lace designs inspired by Pakistani traditional arts & cultural patterns to add glamour & elegance to its clothes collection; colors include peach Sea-green Lilac Lavender ruby-red maroon pink Black& White making this collection suitable for all skin tones!

Each dress in this collection is exquisite craftsmanship created with exceptional care. These masterpieces reflect Pakistani women’s modern fashion sense by offering contemporary and traditional styles; all dresses in this range were explicitly created to flatter individual body types so women may feel empowered and beautiful while feeling their absolute best!

Mushq PK’s Mystique Luxury Pret Printed Organza Collection is an essential addition to every fashionable woman’s wardrobe this festive season, offering abundant outstanding quality, innovative design, and affordance. So be sure to get your hands on one of these exquisite pieces for any upcoming special event and make a bold fashion statement!

Mushq Clothing – Izhar Luxury Chiffon Collection

Mushq clothing, one of Pakistan’s premier clothing brands, recently unveiled its Izhar Luxury Chiffon Collection, showcasing an elegant combination of elegance and style. Featuring nine exquisite Pakistani branded clothes that range from lehenga cholis to maxi suits and open gowns crafted with intricate embroidery and high-quality chiffon fabric – each piece from this collection exudes sheer luxury!

This collection exemplifies the brand’s commitment to creating luxurious yet timeless pieces for every woman’s fashion needs, featuring delicate colors such as tea pink, lavender, mint green, mauve, beige baby pink off-white lilac ice blue magenta that make this collection irresistibly tempting.

What sets Izhar Luxury Chiffon Collection apart is its use of hand-embellished front and back yokes, sequinned laces, embroidered patches and borders, golden samosa lace Tila X-lace for finishing, silver tilla buttons, mirror laces, sequinned dupatta border golden Gotta Lace for finishing crochet laces sequined finishing Patti pearl embellished Daman border front/back hand-embellished side Tassels silk balls for finishing as well as hand embellished side Tassels; all these embroidery techniques create striking and captivating designs suitable for weddings/parties/formal events alike! These dresses create beautiful designs suitable for formal events like weddings/parties/formal events!

Izhar Luxury Chiffon Collection dresses feature high-grade chiffon fabric, ensuring each dress is light, breathable, and comfortable. It is ideal for any weather or season and special occasions. Additionally, these unstitched options give individuals more customization flexibility to personalize the garment.

Mushq PK has always prioritized its customers’ needs first and foremost, and its new collection reflects this dedication. Understanding that women have different tastes and preferences, Mushq PK offers various styles, from traditional lehenga choli designs to modern maxi gowns. Hence, everyone has something that speaks to her.

Izhar Luxury Chiffon Collection is fashionable and reasonably priced; the brand ensures it is accessible to everyone without compromising quality. Investing in timeless, chic and versatile pieces like these would pay dividends over time!

Mushq PK’s Izhar Luxury Chiffon Collection is an impression, reflecting their dedication to luxuriate yet affordable fashion. Boasting intricate embroidery techniques, delicate colors, and high-quality chiffon fabric in various styles for every taste imaginable, this collection makes a must-have addition to any woman’s wardrobe and memorable event.

Mushq PK is an exceptional Pakistani clothing brand known for its dedication to excellence, unique designs, and customer-oriented approach. Through these attributes, it has forged strong bonds of trust with its customers by providing high-quality fashion pieces tailored to each one’s needs. Mushq PK strives to help women embrace fashion while celebrating individuality – these values define its mission statement.

Mushq Luxury Formals collection

Mushq Luxury Formals collection is an exquisite tribute to Pakistani clothing. Boasting 15 handcrafted dresses designed by masterful artisans, this exquisite showpiece perfectly exemplifies Pakistani fashion’s charm.

The embroidery techniques employed in these Indian dresses are second to none, featuring intricate tapestries of koras, dabkas, naqshis, sequins, pearls, and Swarovski crystals that truly showcase Pakistani artisans at work. Each dress showcases this brand’s commitment to quality and excellence while showcasing their exceptional skills as Pakistani artisans.

The collection offers formal gowns in an array of vibrant hues that are ideal for special events, including powdery blue, powdery red, pink, and teal, as well as nude beige white, black, peach, lavender ice blue, light mint green magenta, olive green shades that effortlessly combine creating a stunning visual appeal that makes each dress truly special and individual.

Mushq clothing features fabric of only the highest quality. Organza and net are prominent among these dresses, adding luxuriousness. Both fabrics are known for being delicate yet strong enough to withstand intricate detailing without becoming worn quickly or fraying over time.

The collection offers various styles tailored to meet different women’s and occasions’ needs, such as formal weddings or engagement parties. Lehenga choli styles are ideal for formal events like these. At the same time, maxi and open gowns offer more modern, trendy looks ideal for social events and evening parties. Shalwar kameez styles can also appear; classic Pakistani looks make an impressionful statement at formal dinners and gatherings, while the ever-versatile saree offers versatile wearability depending on the event or celebration.

Mushq PK’s Tuscany Luxury Formals Collection is ideal for women looking to make a bold fashion statement. Crafted with elegance and sophistication in Pakistani fashion, these elegant gowns are a testament to Mushq’s dedication to quality, excellence, and innovation.

Overall, the Tuscany Luxury Formals Collection is an impressive showcase of Pakistani clothing’s beauty and elegance. Perfect for formal occasions with various styles that cater to individual women’s tastes, featuring intricate embroidery techniques in each dress combined with high-quality fabric to give a luxurious feel to this collection by Mushq PK. With this offering, they have once again established themselves as a leading Pakistani clothing brand that caters specifically to women who wish to stand out with their fashion sense.