Pakistani Casual Dresses

2 in 1 Package - EEP 05A 04B

2 in 1 Package – EEP 05A 04B

C$ 240

2 in 1 Package - Floral Haze

2 in 1 Package – Floral Haze

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Darlene Ivy

2 in 1 Package – Darlene Ivy

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Aurina Black

2 in 1 Package – Aurina Black

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Dusky Florista

2 in 1 Package – Dusky Florista

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Floral Star

2 in 1 Package – Floral Star

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Ciya Pastel

2 in 1 Package – Ciya Pastel

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Pansy Ocean

2 in 1 Package – Pansy Ocean

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Peony Lavender

2 in 1 Package – Peony Lavender

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Winesome Snowy

2 in 1 Package – Winesome Snowy

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Aqua Pearly

2 in 1 Package – Aqua Pearly

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Lush Ethnic

2 in 1 Package – Lush Ethnic

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - Ebony Faye

2 in 1 Package – Ebony Faye

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - RP 109-111

2 in 1 Package – RP 109-111

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - RP 107-108

2 in 1 Package – RP 107-108

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - RP 104-105

2 in 1 Package – RP 104-105

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - RP 101-102

2 in 1 Package – RP 101-102

C$ 205

2 in 1 Package - AJBB 16 09

2 in 1 Package – AJBB 16 09

C$ 240

2 in 1 Package - AJBB 12 02

2 in 1 Package – AJBB 12 02

C$ 240

2 in 1 Package - AJBB 19 05

2 in 1 Package – AJBB 19 05

C$ 240

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Adan Libas, an emerging Pakistani clothing brand known for its elegant and versatile designer outfit collections, has quickly made waves in the Pakistani fashion industry with its superb offerings. Launched by an esteemed group of fashion designers, Adan Libas quickly rose to prominence for its skilled craftsmanship in creating Pakistani chiffon and lawn dresses.

Adan Libas stands out as an elegant fashion icon due to its keen attention to detail and exquisite designs, crafting each piece from premium quality materials that not only improve its Eastern aesthetic appeal but also ensure comfort when worn. Offering traditional as well as contemporary clothing options to meet all fashion preferences. Shop now online to experience the magic of Adan Libas. 

Here are the latest collections of Adan Libas available at Shadi Dress:

Ik Daastan by Adan Libas

Are you searching for a desi outfit to attend an upcoming wedding or festive ceremony? Look no further than Adan Libas’ ik daastan collection, released just recently. Featuring over 15 stunning three-piece outfits constructed with high-quality net, chiffon, and raw silk fabrics, styles range from shalwar kameez designs, angrakhas, long frocks, and open gowns, so there is sure to be the ideal ensemble for every special event!

Adan Libas pk has long been revered for their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail when creating designer clothes, which can be seen in their festive edition, Ik Daastan. Every single piece has been designed to exude elegance and sophistication while using luxurious fabrics with intricate hand and machine embroidery work that sets them apart in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Not only are Adan Libas’ outfits traditional yet modern, but they also provide comfort during long celebrations. Ik Daastan gives you the best of both worlds!

Create an impression at your next event with Ik Daastan by Adan Libas! This delicate volume is ideal for those who value high-quality fabrics and standout pieces. So don’t wait! Explore Shadi Dress Now.

Adan’s Libas Lueur Chapter 2

Here is yet another luxurious collection by Adans Libas that fashion enthusiasts will undoubtedly won’t want to overlook. Lueur Chapter 2 is offering ten mesmerizing designer Pakistani dresses that truly embody elegance and sophistication.

The brand has taken advantage of an eye-catching colour palette, including black, lilac, red, maroon, sea green, and dull peach, to create a visual feast for the eyes. Their vibrant hues are enhanced by high-quality chiffon fabric, which further adds an element of luxury to each piece in this Album.

Lueur Chapter 2’s highlight lies in its exquisite embroidery work, from delicate sequin work to intricate threadwork – Adan Libas has shown their expertise with traditional Pakistani embroidery techniques.

Lueur Chapter 2 stands out with its array of shalwar kameez designs that take an innovative approach to traditional Pakistani attire. Adan Libas has successfully added modernity to traditional Pakistani clothing through unconventional cuts, silhouettes, and unique details that give these garments their signature aesthetic.

Lueur Chapter 2 by Adan Libas offers stunning designer 3 pieces sure to turn heads at any special event, creating an experience of luxury and elegance, unlike anything you have experienced before. Refrain from settling for average when Lueur Chapter 2 can make you stand out. Shop it now to make a fashion statement that everyone will be talking about: experience luxuriousness like never before in Lueur Chapter 2. Because when it comes to style, why settle for anything less than extraordinary?

Adans Velvet Plachi: Perfect Winter Collection

Adans Libas proudly introduces its winter collection – Adans Velvet Plachi. This exquisite edition makes an excellent selection for winter festivities, featuring 10 Pakistani designer dresses crafted from high-quality velvet fabric and embellished with stunning plachi dupattas.

Attention to detail is evident throughout each dress by way of its eye-catching and exquisite embroidery, making them statement pieces perfect for any event or celebration.

With its striking use of rich and dark colors, this collection is both visually appealing and functional for cold-season weather. They are crafted with luxurious velvet fabric and comfy plachi fabric for maximum warmth and coziness.

Add stunning pieces from the Adans Velvet Plachi collection to your winter style, and make an impression wherever you go!

Visit one of our online Pakistani clothing stores or shop online now to snag these must-have dresses before they sell out!

Dorian Eid Edit 23

Adan Libas recently unveiled an impressive Eid dress collection, Dorian Eid Edit, that is sure to leave its customers mesmerized. Featuring beautiful Pakistani lawn suits adorned with laces, tassels, and beads – perfect for Eid dress shopping – Adan Libas showcased an exceptional offering designed specifically to leave customers wowed! This selection boasts something for everyone in this Eid dress shopping spree.

This brand has taken great care to ensure each outfit produced is of superior quality, from the soft lawn fabric used to the meticulously handcrafted embellishments that complete each ethnic ensemble. Their designers combine traditional Pakistani styles with contemporary trends to craft unique Eid outfits perfect for dressing up or down occasions.

One of the signature items from this collection is wide-leg trousers that every ensemble more chic and modern. They come in various colors for optimal styling; pair them with any one of the tops from our selection for an effortlessly regal and fashionable look – we offer cuts and styles tailored specifically for every body type and taste!

Adan Libas has chosen an exquisite color palette for the Adan Libas collection, choosing light, delicate hues that evoke peace and serenity, ranging from pastel pinks and blues to ivory and white shades. Customers looking for bolder options may select bolder hues like bright reds or deep blues for added impact.

At an incredible value, this collection is truly affordable. Even with high-quality materials used and intricate designs, prices remain incredibly reasonable, enabling customers to treat themselves to stunning lawn dresses with embellishments without breaking their budgets; ideal for Eid celebrations!


Adan Libas has outdone itself with all of its collections. Showcasing high-quality lawn, chiffon, organza, and net fabrics combined with intricate designs that stand out in colors like royal blue or blush pink makes all their editions essential to make a statement at any season or festive ceremony. Plus, they offer affordability along with vast arrays of styles, making Adan Libas truly indulge customers for choice!