Embroidered lawn – AJFI-17

C$ 240

Brand: Asim Jofa
Embroidered Lawn
Collection: Fasane-e-Ishq Eid Luxury Lawn Collection

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Welcome to the epitome of grace and sophistication – AJFI-17 by Asim Jofa. For the Pakistani and Indian ladies living in Canada, this ensemble is not just a dress; it’s a journey into the heart of tranquillity, wrapped in the lush embrace of jade. Crafted with love and exquisite attention to detail, Is a testament to timeless elegance, designed to make you stand out in any gathering with poise and grace.

A Tapestry of Serene Beauty

Imagine the calm that comes with the early morning mist, the serene quiet of a lush garden at dawn. That’s the essence of AJFI-17. Adorned with shimmering 9mm silver sequins and zari work, this ensemble is like wearing the first light of day. The delicate dance of light mint and dark sage threadwork across the fabric creates a captivating visual symphony, making AJFI-17 a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

The Fabric of Dreams

The heart of AJFI-17 lies in its intricate embroidery, woven with precision and care on premium lawn fabric. The embroidered center panel is a canvas of creativity, flanked by elegantly embroidered side panels that add depth and dimension to the overall design. The back of the shirt mirrors this narrative of elegance, ensuring your grace is omnipresent from every angle.

Sleeves and Hem: A Story of Grace

The sleeves of AJFI-17 are a testament to the beauty of detailed craftsmanship. They exude a serene elegance with pairs of embroidered channels on the lawn and an exquisite embroidered hem border for sleeves. The front and back hemlines boast embroidered borders that add richness and depth to the ensemble, creating a regal and enchanting silhouette.

The Crown Jewel: The Embroidered Dupatta

No ensemble is complete without the perfect dupatta, and AJFI-17 delivers with a breathtaking chiffon masterpiece. Adorned with a four-sided border, it drapes like a whisper, adding a layer of mystique and grace to your presence. Wrap yourself in this embroidered marvel and let the misty jade aura envelop you in its tranquil embrace.

Crafted for Comfort and Style

While the external beauty of AJFI-17 is undeniable, comfort is critical. The shirt is crafted from the finest lawn, known for its breathability and softness, making it perfect for the Canadian summer. Paired with trousers made from dyed cambric, this ensemble offers comfort and a flattering fit. Is a visual delight and a pleasure to wear, designed to keep you comfortable and chic throughout the day.

A Palette of Tranquil Green

The choice of green for AJFI-17 is deliberate and meaningful. Green is the colour of balance, harmony, and renewal. Its hue resonates with the soul, offering peace and tranquillity. This ensemble celebrates these qualities, designed for women who embody grace and serenity in their essence.

Why AJFI-17 by Asim Jofa?

Choosing AJFI-17 is choosing a legacy of fashion excellence. Asim Jofa is synonymous with luxury, quality, and designs that transcend fleeting trends. Reflects this legacy, blending traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. It’s designed for the woman who values elegance, appreciates the finer things in life, and wants to make a statement of serene beauty.

For the Elegant Diaspora

Understanding the unique position of the diaspora in Canada, AJFI-17 bridges the gap between cultural heritage and contemporary living. It’s an ensemble that respects traditions while embracing modernity, designed for women who are proud of their roots and confident in their style.

A Symphony of Elegance: AJFI-17

AJFI-17 by Asim Jofa is more than just a designer dress; it’s an invitation to embrace elegance, celebrate craftsmanship, and make a statement of serene beauty. It’s an ensemble that promises to elevate your wardrobe, making you the epitome of grace at any event.

An Investment in Style and Quality

Asim Jofa believes in creating pieces that are not just outfits but investments in style and quality. AJFI-17 is priced to reflect the value it brings to your wardrobe—an investment in yourself, your elegance, and your legacy.

Make AJFI-17 Yours Today

For the Pakistani and Indian ladies in Canada, AJFI-17 represents an opportunity to connect with your roots while standing out in contemporary society. It’s a testament to your strength, grace, and elegance—a serene serenade in fabric form.

Ready to Wear, Ready to Shine

With AJFI-17, you’re always poised to make an impression. This ready-to-wear ensemble is crafted for convenience without compromising style, ensuring you’re always a moment away from looking your absolute best.

Where to Find AJFI-17

AJFI-17 is available exclusively through Asim Jofa’s official website and selected retailers. Embrace the elegance, celebrate the craftsmanship, and make a statement with AJFI-17 by Asim Jofa. Don’t let this masterpiece of design and serene beauty pass you by. Make yours today, and step into a world where fashion meets tradition and style knows no bounds.

In a landscape where fashion is fleeting, AJFI-17 stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and serene beauty. Crafted with love, adorned with care, and designed for the discerning woman, it’s more than just an outfit—it’s a statement of who you are. Whether you’re attending a formal event or a family gathering or want to feel special, is the perfect choice for those who wish to embody grace and tranquillity.

So, why wait? Dive into the enchanting world of and let the serene beauty of jade redefine your style. With AJFI-17, you’re not just wearing a dress; you’re wearing a piece of art, a slice of heritage, and a whisper of dreams. Make it yours today and walk with the elegance that turns heads and hearts in your direction.