Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-03

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Brand: Asim Jofa
Self Twill
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl

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Asim Jofa presents the AJKT-03 from their collection of Pakistani wedding and festive wear – an epitome of luxury and sophistication in Pakistani wedding and festive wear. This elegant shalwar kameez ensemble was designed for fashionable women seeking only superior craftsmanship and quality fabrics featuring intricate embellishments. Together, these pieces work beautifully to form an irresistibly beautiful outfit that will leave them feeling confident and beautiful!

At the heart of any outfit is its kameez, and this piece from AJKT-03 does not disappoint. Crafted from self-twill fabric and featuring an embroidered shawl on velvet twill and bunches of organza fabric at each corner, this garment makes a bold statement of luxury and class.

This ensemble oozes luxury thanks to the luxurious four-sided embroidery on its shawl and its exquisite Taanka embroidery technique on the twill fabric front and back. A front center bunch embroidered on organza adds an exquisite detail, while two big bunches on either side create a visually captivating impact. This Taanka style kameez boasts beautiful details with its embroidered front and back hemlines on self-twill, as well as its chaak on self-twill, accentuating its beautiful Taanka technique. Furthermore, featuring two sets of sleeves with intricately embroidered borders on self-twill as well as bunches for sleeves on organza, its front neckline and back neckline are adorned with exquisite organza embroidery that completes the overall design magnificently.

Every ensemble is complete with its essential accents, and the AJKT-03 has them all! From elegant shuttle lace and cutwork designs that give the kameez its sophisticated edge to glamorous embellishments like an embroidered patti with tassels and small pearls adding shine – combined, these embellishments create an eye-catching outfit sure to draw all eyes onto you
The dupatta of the AJKT-03’s velvety soft twill fabric completes its traditional appearance of shalwar kameez, featuring small floral embroidery throughout and cutting work detailing on four of its corners for subtlety and grace. Furthermore, the black colour helps ensure an ideal match with both the kameez and trousers to produce an authentic finish look.

A trouser serves as the core of any outfit, and the AJKT-03’s cotton silk fabric creates a comfortable yet chic experience. Featuring small pearls along the edge, its black colour and small pearl details complement both the kameez and dupatta design harmoniously.

The AJKT-03 ensemble is ideal for special events where you want to make an impressionful statement about yourself. From Pakistani weddings and festive events to fashion shows and exhibitions, this outfit stands out among its peers by featuring luxurious fabric with intricate embellishments. Take advantage of this opportunity for fashion. Add this ensemble to your wardrobe today.

If you’re searching for an exquisite and luxurious shalwar kameez ensemble perfect for weddings, festive events, or formal occasions – such as formal dinners – the AJKT-03 ensemble should be your top choice. From its superior quality fabric to intricate embellishments that add an air of luxury and sophistication – you will feel beautiful while simultaneously showing off your impeccable fashion taste in this ensemble.