Embroidered Slub Raw Silk – AJKT-05

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Brand: Asim Jofa
Slub Raw Silk
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl

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Buy Asim Jofa Embroidered Slub Raw Silk AJKT-05 Dress In Canada Now!

Asim Jofa’s AJKT-05 shalwar kameez is an exquisite piece of traditional Pakistani wedding and festive wear that will amaze any onlooker. Boasting beautiful pink and purple colours with intricate embroidery throughout its kameez, dupatta, and trousers, it truly stands out.

This exquisite kameez is handcrafted from luxurious slub raw silk that boasts an exceptional texture and drape. Moreover, its design boasts an eye-catching embroidered woven shawl with four side borders for extra elegance and charm. Additionally, its front centre panel is enhanced with intricate embroidery that is sure to draw any passerby’s eye; front side panels on both the right and left are decorated with embroidery that captures any viewer’s gaze. At the same time, its back centre panel and side panels have exquisite embroidery. At the same time, the back centre panel and side panels have all intricately slub raw silk embroidery. At the same time, its borders have also been enhanced further, creating an exceptional piece of craftsmanship!

This kameez features sleeves with intricately embroidered borders made from slub raw silk, while organza embroidery motifs adorn its sleeves, creating a beautiful contrast against its background. Furthermore, its front daman features an organza motif, adding another glamorous element to this stunning ensemble.

This outfit boasts beautiful embellishments. Shuttle lace, cutwork design, embroidered patches and tassels, all meticulously handcrafted throughout its kameez, make this piece truly breathtaking. These additions add an extra level of glamour that brings this piece to life.

This stunning dupatta features a small floral motif throughout its fabric for an intimate and romantic appearance. Each side border boasts intricately designed sequin patches with tassels and triangle designs in pink and purple shades that match perfectly with both kameez and trousers—constructed of high-quality woven fabric for long-lasting wear.

These normal-width trousers feature cutwork at their borders for an aesthetically pleasing outfit. Their matching pink and purple colours go beautifully with the kameez, creating an appealing ensemble.

Our Pakistani wedding outfits and festive wear are designed for elegance and sophistication while still adding traditional elements to their wardrobes.

Asim Jofa’s AJKT-05 shalwar kameez is truly remarkable, designed with exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Boasting elegant pink and purple colours with beautiful embroidery and embellishments, as well as both woven and slub raw silk materials, make this outfit stand out from others in its class, sure to turn heads and make you feel like royalty.