Embroidered Cotton Karandi – AJKT-06

C$ 257

Brand: Asim Jofa
Cotton Karandi
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl

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Asim Jofa unveils its latest collection: the AJKT-06 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl is an elegant and sophisticated piece, perfect for Pakistani wedding wear or festive events, featuring exquisite embroidery work that stands out. This exquisite piece will surely make an impactful statement about who you are in a crowd.

The dress style was traditional yet modern, an amalgam of past and present, consisting of a Shalwar Kameez ensemble. The Kameez features intricate details, such as an embroidered woven shawl with two side borders and an embroidered center panel on cotton karandi fabric, making it the ideal winter option. Side panels of this traditional Kameez design feature intricate embroidery techniques that add an exquisite, refined touch to its classic aesthetic. The front and back of the Kameez feature beautiful embroidered borders for an overall polished appearance; the front also boasts an eye-catching border embroidered detail affixed on cotton karandi fabric for extra sophistication and refinement.

The sleeves feature intricate and beautiful embroidery with a border made of cotton karandi for an aesthetic effect that completes this Kameez ensemble. Shuttle lace and cutwork designs incorporated on its borders give this dress its modern aesthetics while adding a distinctive Turkish touch.

The Dupatta features delicate floral embroidery adorning its fabric, along with shuttle lace border designs on all four sides of its border, to give a luxurious appearance and complement its counterpart, the Kameez.

The trousers feature luxurious slub raw silk in brown and maroon shades for ultimate comfort after a long day’s work. Complete the outfit by sporting shuttle lace cutwork designs at their borders for a sophisticated and elegant finish.

The AJKT-06 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl boasts the perfect mix of brown and maroon hues, making it an effortlessly wearable piece that can be enjoyed for years. Crafted with premium quality cotton karandi fabric for optimal comfort, its Dupatta boasts finely woven wool, while the trousers feature comfortable slub raw silk thread.

Overall, Asim Jofa’s AJKT-06 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl is an essential must-have ensemble for any fashionista who appreciates refined fashion – it makes an eye-catching statement. It stands out from the crowd with its beautiful embroidery details and high-quality fabric construction. Perfect for weddings, festive occasions and casual events. If you want a piece that stands out and stands the test of time with its exquisite detailing combined with its timeless and versatile versatility – look no further! If you want something special that makes you stand out – Asim Jofa’s AJKT-06 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl should join your ensemble!