Emroidered Karandi – Alalah ZW2-23-02

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Brand: Zaha
Collection: winter vol.02
Duppata fabric: Printred Duppata Viscose

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Suppose you’re a Pakistani lady living in Canada. In that case, you know how challenging it is to find trendy and stylish outfits that reflect your cultural roots. However, Zaha has covered you with their new Winter vol.02 collection, and Alalah ZW2-23-02 is one of the standout pieces you cannot miss! This dress perfectly blends timeless design and contemporary style, making it a must-have for you this winter.

Karandi is a versatile fabric that can be worn in all seasons, and Zaha has used it masterfully in this dress. The embroidered front center panel is the centrepiece of the dress, featuring intricate floral patterns that highlight the skilled craftsmanship of the Zaha artisans. The front left and right side panels are also elegantly embroidered, adding to the dress’s overall aesthetic appeal. The sleeves are intricately embroidered on both sides, creating a magnificent contrast with the base fabric’s texture.

The embroidered front hem border is made of organza, a sheer and lightweight fabric that beautifully complements the karandi’s texture. The floral patterns on the organza border are delicately embroidered, adding a touch of refinement to an already breathtaking dress.

The digitally printed dupatta is made of viscose, a versatile and breathable fabric perfect for winter wear. The intricate pattern on the dupatta features complementary colours that complement the dress’s base colour, enriching its overall appearance.

The trouser is dyed karandi, maintaining the dress’s consistency and harmony. It adds comfort and warmth to the dress, making it perfect for winter wear.

Alalah ZW2-23-02 by Zaha is an ensemble that reflects your cultural heritage while keeping you in sync with contemporary fashion. Its intricate embroidery, complementary fabrics, and beautiful design make it perfect for all formal and casual occasions. Step out in style this winter, and let Alalah ZW2-23-02 by Zaha make you stand out in the crowd!