Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-4B

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Brand: Sobia Nazir
Fabric: Cross Slub
Collection: Autumn Winter 23

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Buy Sobia Nazir Embroidered Cross Slub AW23-4B Dress In Canada  Now!

Sobia Nazir has done it again with her exquisite Autumn Winter 23 Collection Shalwar Kameez: the stunning AW23-4B Shalwar Kameez from her latest Autumn Winter 23 line will leave you in awe of its intricate embroidery and elegant design.

Sobia Nazir’s exquisite craftsmanship is on full display with this dress’s cross-slub center panel and side panels featuring gorgeous embroidery work by her. Additionally, sleeves adorned with delicate stitchwork add charm and sophistication.

Not only is the embroidery exquisite, but this dress also boasts exquisitely detailed embroidered borders and an appealing plain dyed cross slub back – offering the ideal balance for Pakistan’s festive season celebrations. It would make an excellent choice.

Add extra sophistication and beauty with hand embellishment of tassels and thread lace, adding even more complexity and beauty to the dress. It features vibrant orange colors in kameez and trousers to attract attention.

A printed cross-slub dupatta adds this dress’s final flourish, making it stand out from its peers. In contrast, plain dyed cross-slub trousers ensure maximum comfort and fit perfectly.

Made of high-quality cross-slub fabric, the AW23-4B Shalwar Kameez is beautiful and long-wearing; it makes an excellent addition to any festive event!

Sobia Nazir’s Autumn Winter 23 collection has taken Pakistani fashion to new heights, and her must-have AW23-4B Shalwar Kameez from that line is proof. Now is your time to shine and make an impressionful statement with this fantastic piece from one of the leading global brands!

Add this magnificent piece of art to your wardrobe and become the talk of any event you attend. Don Sobia Nazir‘s AW23-4B Shalwar Kameez from Sobia Nazir and let it do all the talking for you this season; make an impression entrance with its attention-grabbing appeal – don’t miss out on being at the center of attention at any occasion; place your order today!