Embroidered Silk – Bristol Raven

C$ 240

Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Wedding Festive
Fabric: Embroidered Silk

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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See Cross Stitch  Embroidered  Silk Bristol Raven Dress Description Below:

    • SHIRT
    • Organza digital printed and embroidered shirt front, back and sleeves
    • 1 embroidered neckline
    • 50″ embroidered patti for front hem
    • 50″ embroidered patti for back hem
    • 40″ embroidered patti for sleeves
    • 1 motif for back
    • SLIP
    • Dyed silk slip
    • Silk dyed trouser
    • Organza embroidered dupatta

      The BRISTOL RAVEN features a luxurious 4-piece UNSTITCH set made from Organza Digital Prints and Embroidery. This set includes Shirt Front, Back and Sleeves, one Embroidered Neckline, 50 Embroidered Patti for Front Hem, 50 Embroidered Patti for Back Hem, 40 Embroidered Patti for sleeves, one Motif for back, a Dyed Silk Slip and Silk Dyed Trousers, and an Organza Embroidered Dupatta. This elegant ensemble is perfect for making a statement.