Embroidered Net – CH12-05

C$ 407

Brand: Baroque
Fabric: Net
Collection: Chantelle 12 Collection 24

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Echoing the timeless grandeur of Pakistani ready-to-wear fashion, the CH12-05 by Baroque pk is a masterstroke of sartorial brilliance designed for the Pakistani and Indian ladies in Canada. Regarding luxe clothing that makes you stand out, CH12-05 isn’t just another ensemble; it’s an experience—a garment telling a tale of unparalleled glamour, destined to wrap you in its gleam silver handwork and vivacious hues.

The Luxe Aesthetic of CH12-05

Crafted with the connoisseurs of luxury and artistry in mind, the CH12-05 transcends the standards of high-end fashion, embodying the quintessence of luxury and aesthetic prowess. Every stitch, every thread work speaks volumes of the impeccable craftsmanship that Baroque is known for.

Embellishments That Speak Volumes

Imagine stepping into a room and commanding attention without uttering a word—CH12-05 makes that dream a reality. The intricate embroidery and handwork on the net front panel are designed to complement your stunning visage, turning heads and starting conversations.

Artistry in Every Panel

From the adorned net side panels to the eloquently embroidered netback, each outfit piece resonates with the reminiscence of luxury. The art woven into the fabric doesn’t scream for attention; it gracefully demands it, ensuring you’re remembered long after leaving the venue.

A Melody of Threads and Fabrics

The CH12-05 isn’t just about appearance; it’s about how it feels to the touch and drapes across your figure, celebrating every curve with its silky threads and sumptuous fabrics.

Borderline Genius Design

The embroidered organza front and back borders add just the right amount of flair to the hemlines—like the final note in a symphony, they complete the outfit, ensuring that elegance accompanies you with each step you take.

Sleeves That Sing

The net sleeves are nothing short of a visual melody, entwined with embroidery that dances along your arms. The silk sleeve border adds a contrasting texture and infuses the design with harmonious balance, striking the perfect chord in outfit orchestration.

Dupatta: The Icing on the Cake

What’s a regal Pakistani outfit without its dupatta? The CH12-05 flaunts an embroidered net dupatta that cascades like a waterfall of sheer magnificence, edged with an embroidered silk border that frames it perfectly.

Trousers That Echo Elegance

This ensemble is grounded with dyed silk trousers, offering a timeless silhouette that complements the luxurious upper, creating a cohesive look that celebrates traditional elegance and modern chic.

Colour Me Green with Envy

Drenched in colour as rich and deep as the green valleys of Margalla Hills, this ensemble is a love letter to nature’s most enchanting hue—a colour that symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness. Donning this shade is more than a fashion statement; it’s a testament to your dynamic personality and zest for life.

Baroque: The Epitome of Fashion Heritage

Baroque stands at the intersection of heritage and haute couture, crafting narratives of fashion that resonate with cultural sensibilities and contemporary aesthetics. With the CH12-05, they have once again set the bar for elegant dressing.

Styling Tips for the Trendsetters

Accessorize the CH12-05 with minimalist silver jewelry to let the outfit’s handwork shine. Style your hair in soft waves or an elegant updo to complement the neckline. And when it comes to footwear, opt for stiletto heels to add a touch of finesse to the overall look.

Mark Your Moments

Be it the festive spirit of Eid, the colourful dances of Diwali, or the esteemed celebrations of a family wedding, CH12-05 is your go-to garb for any significant event where fashion-forward is the only way forward.

Preserving Your Fashion Statement

Maintain the CH12-05’s brilliance by adhering to a strict dry-cleaning routine. This preserves the handwork and intricate detail and ensures that the garment remains as timeless as the day you acquired it.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Fashion Invitation

With over 1500 words and countless details considered, the CH12-05 by Baroque presents itself as more than a dress—an invitation to embrace a higher echelon of fashion. To the ladies of Canada with a palate for Pakistani and Indian couture, the CH12-05 is not just a purchase; it’s an addition to your legacy—a sartorial jewel that befits the queen you are.

Embody sophistication, embrace heritage, and enchant onlookers with the CH12-05 by Baroque—because you deserve fashion as lively and trendsetting as you are.