Embroidered Net – CH12-06

C$ 407

Brand: Baroque
Fabric: Net
Collection: Chantelle 12 Collection 24


Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Are you ready to infuse your wardrobe with luxury and poise? Ladies in Canada, get set to meet your new love affair in fashion: the CH12-06, a spellbinding creation from Baroque’s Chantelle 12 Collection 24. With its unmatched elegance and sophisticated allure, the CH12-06 by Baroque pk is guaranteed to be the showstopper at any gala, wedding, or celebratory event.

The Grandeur of Craftsmanship

Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, the CH12-06 isn’t just a garment; it’s the very manifestation of artful mastery in Pakistani ready-to-wear design.

Embroidered Net Front Body: A Symphony in Thread

The embroidered net front body is where the magic begins. This piece is a canvas where threads dance to create patterns celebrating Pakistan’s rich embroidery heritage. The brown fabric hosts seen and felt designs, such as their depth and intricacy.

Handwork Neckline Organza Patch: A Statement of Sophistication

Thanks to the handwork neckline organza patch that frames the garment’s upper echelon, your ensemble speaks volumes before you do. It’s a testament to the impeccable attention to detail that Baroque is renowned for—every stitch is a melody of class and sophistication.

The Silhouette: Resplendent in Every Angle

A garment’s true worth is in how gracefully it carries itself, and the CH12-06 is a paragon of elegance from every perspective.

The Back Story: An Embroidered Narrative

Turn around and let them gaze in awe—the embroidered net back body continues the luxury narrative with patterns that complement the front, crafting a cohesive story of elegance that trails behind you.

Embroidered Organza Borders: The Perfect Finish

An outfit feels complete with the perfect finishing touches, and here, the embroidered organza front and back borders serve as the seamless edge that frames the beauty of this designer dress.

Sleeves and Pallu: The Tale of Traditional Textures

The embroidered net sleeves and the embroidered organza sleeve and pallu border bring forth a merger of tradition and contemporary fashion. Take a moment to appreciate the finesse of the sleeve work—a subtle flourish that can change the entire dynamic of your presence.

Drape in Style: The Saree Pallu

The saree isn’t just a garment; it’s a culture-embracing statement. The CH12-06 boasts an embroidered net saree pallu and an embroidered organza saree pallu, offering a touch of classical grace that completes the look with timeless sophistication.

Palette Perfection: The Power of Brown

Here’s to brown—the colour of the earth, exuding stability, reliability, and innate warmth. When draped in the colour of enduring style, you don’t just attend events; you arrive. Brown is the new black, and CH12-06 proves it.

Fabric and Fit: An Ode to Comfort and Luxury

Baroque’s commitment to quality fabric is uncompromising, and the net fabric of CH12-06 promises breathability and a luxurious feel against the skin. The dyed silk trouser is the epitome of comfort, ensuring you don’t just look good but feel divine.

The Baroque Signature: Where Fashion Meets Heritage

Baroque isn’t just a name; it’s a legacy. Every creation cements its place in the pantheon of brands that resonate with Pakistani and Indian sensibilities. The CH12-06 exemplifies this fusion—a masterpiece crafted for the modern woman who values her roots.

Styling the CH12-06: Transcending Trends

The CH12-06 by Baroque can be styled to perfection with the right accessories. Envision pairing it with gold statement jewelry to highlight the intricate embroidery, or add a modern twist with minimalist accessories for a chic, understated look.

Occasions to Adorn the CH12-06

This garment is your companion for life’s most beautiful moments—weddings where love is celebrated, Eid gatherings that mark joyous festivities, and even upscale social gatherings that demand your sartorial best.

Care Instructions: Cherishing Your Investment

To ensure the longevity of your CH12-06, dry clean only is the mantra. Please treat it with the care it deserves; it will remain a treasure in your collection.

Conclusion: Your Passport to Sartorial Splendor

The CH12-06 by Baroque presents a glorious chance to adorn a slice of Pakistan’s rich design heritage in Canada. In over 1500 words, one might detail every element of its craftsmanship, yet words can scarcely do justice to its tangible brilliance. The CH12-06 awaits the discerning woman who desires nothing less than the height of grace and elegance. Will it hang in your closet or drape you magnificently for your next grand entrance? The choice is as clear as the craftsmanship of this Baroque visionary—isn’t it time to say ‘Yes’ to CH12-06?

Discover elegance redefined—embrace the CH12-06 by Baroque, and let your fashion narrative be as regal as your spirit.