Embroidered Karandi – D9

C$ 285

Brand: Noor By Saadia Asad
Fabric: Embroidered Karandi
Collection:Noor Winter Luxury Shawls 23


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Noor By Saadia Asad D9 Shalwar Kameez set is an elegant ensemble crafted from luxurious Karandi fabric for comfort and style on any traditional Pakistani wedding occasion.

This set’s kameez features exquisite Zari Karandi embroidery on its front, back and sleeves and intricately embroidered borders and necklines that showcase its meticulous quality and meticulous design process.

Pani’s embroidered sleeves and scalloped border add a special touch of beauty, perfectly complementing the Moroccan Dream Shawl Collection. It is also a digitally printed woollen shawl with a stunning embroidery front border that completes this eye-catching set.

The Karandi fabric used in this set is well-renowned for its superior quality and comfortable feel, guaranteeing durability and a perfect fit. Additionally, dyed linen trousers come with stylish samosa laces to add further dimension and detail to this ensemble.

This set is available in classic black and will add elegance and sophistication to any wardrobe. Perfect for Pakistani weddings, you’ll be confidently shining during every moment.

Noor By Saadia Asad’s D9 Shalwar Kameez offers top quality and an eye-catching design, making this garment one you can wear proudly and know is future-proof.

Make an impressionful statement in any event with Noor By Saadia Asad‘s D9 Shalwar Kameez set and experience luxury fashion at its best! Indulge yourself in this spectacular set and add sparkle to your wardrobe now. Experience luxury fashion like never before by investing in Noor By Saadia Asad’s D9 Shalwar Kameez set from Noor By Saadia Asad today.