Embroidered Silk – Elfin Radiant

C$ 257

Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Wedding Festive
Fabric: Embroidered Silk

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Introduced from the Cross Stitch Wedding Festive Collection is the ELFIN RADIANT Frock. Beautifully handcrafted from luxurious silk fabric, this long-length frock drapes beautifully for a graceful appearance. Adorned with vibrant yellow floral prints, it is perfect for spring and summer events, giving it an airy and refreshing aesthetic!

ELFIN RADIANT exudes beauty with its vibrant floral embroidered net patch and crystal tassels on the border, adding a delicate touch of elegance. Additionally, front panel embroidery adds an appealing contrast against its floral print; sleeves feature similar floral designs, while its thick embroidered net patch with crystal tassels completes this sophisticated look.

The neckline of this dress features a round shape with an intricate keyhole front that adds contemporary style. Its back neckline also boasts the same roundness, giving a classic feel. Furthermore, its sleeves have an average width to complement its elongated silhouette perfectly.

The package includes elegant silk trousers dyed in hues of yellow and paired with an organza dupatta featuring yellow floral embroidery on two sides of its border, further adding to its beauty. In addition, shuttle lace adds extra charm.

This dress is suitable for any special event, especially Pakistani wedding wear, festive wear, and Eid attire. The ELFIN RADIANT is ideal for those looking to make a statement without compromising comfort; its combination of traditional and modern styles will ensure you stand out in a crowd and become the topic of conversation at an event.


The ELFIN RADIANT frock is an indispensable addition to your wardrobe if you want to look your best on any special occasion. Made of high-quality materials and featuring intricate design features that set it apart from traditional dresses, the ELFIN RADIANT makes a bold statement when worn as part of an ensemble.