Embroidered Chiffon – Fistik Glamor

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Brand: Adan’s Libas
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Luxurious 2022

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Adan Libas offers this striking Fistik Glamor Shalwar Kameez from their Luxurious collection for 2022, which exudes sophistication and elegance for formal or festive events. This gorgeous dress makes an impressive first impression.

This elegant kameez has been created with intricate detailing on its front and back, including gorgeous floral embroidery that gives it a truly royal appearance. Additionally, its regular length adds sophistication to its appearance.

The diamond-style neckline of this kameez is beautifully embellished with intricate threadwork, adding to its luxurious appeal. Its round back neck adds an element of grace and grace.

The kameez of Fistik Glamor features wide see-through sleeves adorned with beautiful thick embroidered patches and tassels on each cuff that perfectly match its embellishments. Furthermore, its hemline also boasts thick embroidered patches with tassels for an exquisite finish that completes its overall appearance in style.

Raw silk simple trousers in blue add a sense of sophistication while fitting perfectly with the rest of the ensemble. In contrast, a pink dupatta with a beautiful floral pattern throughout and intricate lace borders adds charming and charming appeal.

Combining chiffon for the kameez, Banarsi Jacquard for the dupatta, and raw silk for trousers ensures comfort without compromising its appearance as luxurious or grandiose as a dress can.

Adan Libas’ Fistik Glamor Shalwar Kameez is designed for women looking to make an impression at formal or festive occasions, from formal events and festivals to weddings and graduations. Crafted with precision, its superior craftsmanship will help the wearer stand out amongst the crowd and feel like royalty – with its sophisticated yet comfortable fit. This outfit combines sophistication, elegance, comfort, and unique style for maximum impact – be prepared to turn heads when wearing it to formal events or festivals!

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