Embroidered Jacquard Weaved – HR-08 Reena

C$ 475

Brand: Qalamkar
Jacquard Weaved
Collection: Heer Ranjha

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Qalamkar brings the exquisite HR-08 Reena saree from their new Heer Ranjha collection. Experience Pakistani culture through this timeless ensemble, perfect for formal evening events.

Meticulously handcrafted from premium fabrics and embellishments, the HR-08 Reena saree will leave an indelible mark. Boasting intricate detailing and elegant design features unique to traditional Pakistani attire, embrace classic fashion with this must-have piece!

The HR-08 Reena Saree features a stunning Sheesha Embroidered Front Bodice that displays its distinct pattern on the jacquard fabric and traditional and modern elements to give the garment its contemporary aesthetic. Sheesha Embroidered Back Bodice, Handmade Sheesha Embroidered Lace Front and Neckline add the perfect finishing touches.

This saree features sleeves adorned with Sheesha Embroidered Sleeves and Handmade Sheesha Embroidered Border that perfectly match its bodice design. Long sleeves add both elegance and practicality for everyday use.

Made of premium organza fabric in a subtle cashmere hue, the saree features Sheesha Embroidery and an intricate Sheesha Lace for an air of sophistication.

An exquisite Patti Coat of pure raw silk completes this stunning ensemble, striking a perfect balance with the intricate Sheesha Embroidered detailing found on the saree and adding a pop of complimentary colour.

Qalamkar’s HR-08 Reena saree represents Pakistani fashion’s artistry and passion. Boasting superior fabrics and craftsmanship, its attention to detail, outstanding fabric choice, and exquisite craftsmanship make it indispensable for any woman aspiring to live an elegant life. Make an impressionful statement at any formal event when wearing HR-08 Reena and experience Pakistani haute couture at its best!