Embroidered Net – Iris by Tabeer

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Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23


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“Iris by Tabeer,” a majestic ensemble where tradition waltzes in perfect unison with modern finesse, offering Pakistani and Indian ladies in Canada a chance to drape themselves in an attire that speaks volumes of cultural richness and contemporary grace. Crafted by the celebrated design house Farasha PK, this ready-to-wear masterpiece from the ‘Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23 collection is an homage to the legacy of South Asian couture, reimagined for the tasteful wardrobe of today’s woman.

Product Overview: A Tapestry of Refinement

“Iris by Tabeer” illuminates any festive occasion with its exquisite threadwork that intricately weaves through the fabric, creating patterns that spellbind onlookers. The shimmering tilla sequins, hand-embroidered with precision, infuse the garment with a regal lustre, making it a quintessential choice for those special moments that call for a spectacular sartorial statement.

The Artistic Front Panels

The dress’s front left and right panels, skillfully embroidered on net fabric, showcase motifs that carry the weight of tradition with a feather-like delicacy. Their artful arrangement of the bodice sets a narrative of visual serenity and sophisticated charm.

Net Sleeves: Whispers of Elegance

The sleeves of Iris by Tabeer embody understated beauty, with net fabric that gracefully encapsulates the arms. Embroidered in motifs matching the front panels, they create a seamless connection of artistry from shoulder to wrist.

Viscose Sleeve and Border Embellishments

The embroidered viscose sleeves border adds structure and definition to the ensemble, mirroring the craftsmanship evident throughout the dress. The front left and right viscose borders and motifs further accentuate the outfit’s luxurious appeal, encapsulating the grandeur within meticulous embroidery.

The Enigmatic Back

True elegance doesn’t merely present a stunning façade; it envelops every angle. The embroidered netback of Iris by Tabeer is a testament to this philosophy, providing a rear view as captivating as the front.

Dupatta: A Celestial Overthrow

The Iris by Tabeer offers an embroidered printed cotton patti dupatta that becomes the crowning glory of the ensemble. Complemented by the embroidered viscose dupatta border, it adds layers of sophistication and richness to the attire. This ceremonial scarf is not just an accessory but a statement—a declaration of one’s heritage and grace.

The Four-Sided Organza Marvel

Each edge of the Iris by Tabeer is framed by an embroidered organza four-sided border, meticulously stitched to perfection. The details like these transform a beautiful piece into a work of art that commands admiration and respect.

Foundations of Beauty

Beneath the ornate upper layers lies the embroidered dyed viscose inner, ensuring comfort isn’t sacrificed for style. It is the silent bastion that supports the external beauty of the Iris by Tabeer.

Raw Silk Trousers: The Epitome of Elegance

The embroidered raw silk trousers complement the opulent upper garment, setting a solid foundation for the majestic silhouette Iris by Tabeer promises. These trousers resonate with the top’s ornateness, ensuring each movement is a subtle nod to timeless elegance.

Farasha: A Brand Synonymous with Quality and Style

Farasha has long been associated with high-quality fabrics and unmatched designs. The brand brings clothes and a legacy of meticulously crafted designs that resonate with the rich tapestry of South Asian traditions.

Fabric and Colour: Weaving Dreams into Reality

The use of net fabric in Iris by Tabeer encapsulates an allure that is both tactile and visual. It is a canvas where the magic of threads and sequins comes alive. As for the colours, the rich purples and greens are not merely hues; they are carriers of emotion and symbolize luxury, royalty, and vitality.

Conclusion: Your Canvas of Splendor Awaits

For the Pakistani and Indian women in Canada, Iris by Tabeer is more than just a garment; it celebrates their roots infused with a contemporary spirit. It’s a perfect amalgamation of the grandeur they hail from and the modernity they embrace. Iris by Tabeer is a declaration of identity, a blend of reverence for traditional forms and a bold step into modern sophistication.

It’s an invitation to stand out, to shine on your most cherished occasions, and to make each event a chapter of your unforgettable, elegant tale. Farasha’s Iris by Tabeer is ready to adorn your celebrations and enliven your festivities. Will you take on this mantle of beauty and become the epitome of elegance you were always meant to be?

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