Embroidered Net – Isabel by Tabeer

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Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23


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Discover an enchanting ensemble that encapsulates the timeless charm of South Asian attire and the chic elegance demanded by modern style connoisseurs. Farasha PK‘s latest creation, Isabel by Tabeer, is a magnificent illustration of sartorial perfection designed for Pakistani and Indian ladies in Canada. This exquisite piece is part of the lauded Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23 collection and is tailored to ensure that every moment you wear it becomes a cherished memory.

A Symphony in White: Ethereal Design Meets Modern Elegance

Designed for women who value sophistication and cultural grandeur, Isabel by Tabeer is a white dress that exudes a sense of mystical allure. The ethereal silhouette is meticulously adorned with radiant tile sequins and delicate threadwork, crafting a vision that is as mesmerizing as it is fashionable. The commitment to detail transforms this outfit into a canvas showcasing the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

Exquisite Embroidery: Artful Precision on Net Fabric

The Isabel by Tabeer dress features an array of embroidered elements, each contributing to the overall splendour of the outfit:

Embroidered Net Front & Back Bodice: The centrepiece of this attire, garnished with masterful embroidery, acts as the anchor for the entire design.

Embroidered Net Panels: Both front and back panels are ornamented with intricate patterns, providing a seamless artistry flow across the garment.

Embroidered Net Sleeves: The sheer net sleeves, enhanced with delicate embroidery, add a touch of refined grace.

Embroidered Neckline & Borders: Detailed necklines and borders encircle the dress, framing it with finesse and elevating its visual appeal.

Each thread is woven with precision, reflecting traditional design heritage while embracing the essence of contemporary fashion trends.

Dupatta: The Enchanting Veil of Sophistication

Complementing the dress is a digitally printed organza dupatta, fluttering like a soft melody, adding elegance to your demeanour. This embroidered organza dupatta serves as an accessory and a statement piece that completes the ensemble with its majestic flow and serene beauty.

Luxurious Fabrics: A Testament to Quality and Comfort

Farasha has selected only the finest fabrics to bring Isabel by Tabeer to life:

Dyed Raw Silk Trouser: The dyed raw silk trousers offer a sophisticated and comfortable fit, perfect for long evening events.

Embroidered Viscose Trouser Border: An intricately embroidered trouser border infuses traditional aesthetics into this modern ensemble.

The choice of net as the primary fabric underscores the commitment to deliver a product that is as luxurious to the touch as pleasing to the eye.

Colour Palette: Subtle Silver for a Refined Look

The colour silver is carefully chosen for this attire, symbolizing grace, poise, and a subtle hint of glamour. It beautifully complements the intricate designs and adds a touch of radiance without overwhelming the senses.

Why Choose Isabel by Tabeer?

Exclusive Design: Isabel by Tabeer is not just a dress; it’s a statement of exclusive taste and a nod to cultural roots.

Versatile Wearability: Perfect for weddings, formal gatherings, and high-end events, it promises versatility with unparalleled style.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Farasha’s unwavering attention to detail ensures that every stitch contributes to a final product that defines perfection.

Cultural Connection: For Pakistani and Indian ladies living in Canada, it represents a cherished connection to their heritage, elegantly woven into the fabric of contemporary fashion.

Make a Statement with Isabel by Tabeer

Isabel by Tabeer is more than just a dress; it’s an experience, an expression of identity, and a tribute to the beauty of traditional South Asian attire. It offers a unique allure that stands out in any gathering, ensuring that all eyes will be on you.

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Farasha’s Masterpiece

For the discerning woman who seeks to blend tradition with trendy sophistication, Isabel by Tabeer is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. It’s a dress that matches your expectations and exceeds them, allowing you to embrace the best of both worlds.

Purchase Isabel by Tabeer Today

Take the opportunity to own this stunning designer dress and revel in the compliments that will surely follow. Isabel by Tabeer is not just an ensemble; it embodies elegance waiting to drape you in its splendour. Make an unforgettable impression at your next event with Isabel by Tabeer. Order now and enter a world where elegance meets tradition and style knows no bounds.

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