Embroidered Organza – MOONLIT

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Brand: Afrozeh
Embroidered Organza


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Afrozeh PK La Fuchsia Luxury Formals 2023 collection showcases exquisite beauty with this Moonlit Shalwar Kameez from their La Fuchsia Luxury Formals 2023 line, exuding sophistication and charm in equal measure. Handmade using only premium materials with intricate detail work – it makes an eye-catching statement in formal or festive wear situations!

Starting with the Kameez style, let’s examine the charming details that set it apart. This piece’s front and back panels boast intricate floral embroidery that will leave you breathless; Afrozeh designers demonstrate incredible skill with this delicate work! A long kameez is an elegant and regal choice, ideal for creating an opulent and lavish appearance. Its front neck style features an intimate V shape with an embroidered patch for an added splash of character, while its back neck design gives depth and texture to this garment. The sleeves feature see-through mesh material and an elegant, normal-width cuff with a stunning embroidered patch cufflink. At the same time, the hemline style also boasts an embroidered patch along its border for an added touch of glamour and sophistication.

Now, let’s move on to the dupatta. The delicate floral embroidery is exquisite, making it an actual work of art. Additionally, its four-sided border features an embroidered patch that mimics the kameez’s hemline, seamlessly unifying this look.

The shalwar of  Moonlit is an elegant yet simple sharara that doesn’t compete with the intricate detailing found on kameez or dupattas, featuring subtle grey tones for subtlety and elegance. Additionally, using raw silk fabric that ensures comfort and stylishness for its wearer makes this outfit timeless and fashionable!

Now, let’s talk colors. Adan Libas grey was chosen carefully to enhance the dress and add subtle elegance and sophistication while allowing intricate and delicate detailing to show through without overwhelming its wearer’s look.

Organza fabric adds delicate and sheer textures that lend depth and dimension to designs. At the same time, raw silk complements this choice in creating an effortlessly luxurious outfit.

 Afrozeh’s Moonlit Shalwar Kameez from La Fuchsia Luxury Formals 2023 collection will leave you speechless. From its intricate floral embroidery and delicate fabric use to its careful attention to detail, this dress is a fantastic artwork! Suitable for formal or festive wear, this piece makes a powerful statement with style – an essential choice for modern women seeking to stand out from the crowd with their class.

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