Embroidered Chiffon – Orphic Graphite

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Brand: Adan’s Libas
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Luxurious 2022

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Adan Libas‘ Luxurious 2022 Collection presents this exquisite Orphic Graphite Shalwar Kameez as a breathtaking piece of formal and festive wear that would grace any event or celebration. It boasts beautiful white floral embroidery on both the front and back panels of the Kameez; intricately done yet tasteful designs add classiness and sophistication to the dress.

The Kameez is of normal length, featuring an embellished patch and lace that adds a glamorous touch. The V-style neckline with beautiful embroidery makes this dress ideal for showing off one’s neck, while its round back gives it a feminine flair.

The sleeves on this see-through dress feature a wide width, with see-through sleeves featuring beautiful thick embroidered patches that add an element of sophistication. Incorporating feminine touches like lace on the cuffs of each arm only further elevates its feminine aesthetics.

The Dupatta of Orphic Graphite is exquisitely beautiful, boasting charming small floral patterns throughout and delicate lace borders with tassels on both sides borders. These details add an air of sophistication to the overall appearance of the dress.

Adan Libas used whiskey-colored trousers that perfectly complement this dress’s kameez and dupatta combination, adding an air of class and elegance. Contrasting with that is its vibrant blue Dupatta, which provides a bright splash of color – creating an eye-catching design.

The kameez fabric of choice for this dress is chiffon, which allows the garment to flow gently around your curves. Banarsi Jacquard provides an elegant and luxurious aesthetic, while Raw Silk trouser fabric guarantees durability while complementing this ensemble beautifully.

Overall, Adan Libas’ Luxurious 2022 Collection’s Orphic Graphite Shalwar Kameez adds elegance, class, and sophistication to any occasion. It features stunning floral embroidery on its Kameez, see-through sleeves with thick embroidered patches on them, lace on its cuffs, and feminine details like small floral patterns on its Dupatta, two side borders lace with tassels on them as well as whiskey color, making this outfit suitable for formal and festive events alike.

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