Embroidered Organza – RM-03 Blue Lagoon

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Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection:Romansiyyah Luxury Formals 23

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Are you searching for an eye-catching dress that will leave a lasting impression? Look no further than Emaan Adeel Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 collection’s RM-03 Blue Lagoon maxi dress to make an impactful statement.

This dress is an exquisite work of art crafted from gorgeous organza fabric. The captivating hand embroidery on its front body will enthral all who view it, while its plain organza back allows its details to shine through.

What sets this dress apart is its attention to detail, featuring seven embroidered front panels, seven embroidered back panels, and sleeves embroidered with eight separate patterns of embroidery – each exuding elegance and sophistication – while its beautiful border embroidered onto each of its panels gives an exquisite finishing touch.

This elegant light blue-grey dress stands out with its captivating hue and striking design, making an impressionful first impression. A matching trouser and dupatta complete the ensemble for a cohesive appearance.

This stunning maxi dress, the RM-03 Blue Lagoon maxi dress, is also made of high-grade materials that make it both lightweight and breathable organza fabric, which makes it dress for formal events, and raw silk trousers offer comfort and durability.

Organza dupatta features intricate embroidery that complements any dress, while hand-made tassels and patches add luxurious accents.

In addition to its beauty, the RM-03 Blue Lagoon Maxi Dress is versatile and dress for various events – weddings, fancy dinners or other formal functions- and you will find this dress an invaluable way to elevate your style game.

As previously noted, the RM-03 Blue Lagoon maxi dress is a genuinely remarkable dress. With exquisite craftsmanship, intricate embroidery, and eye-catching colour, it will surely turn heads at your next formal event. Step out in style and impress all.