Embroidered Chiffon – RM-06 Estelle

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Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection: Romansiyyah Luxury Formals 23

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Emaan Adeel presents her exquisite Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 collection’s RM-06 Estelle by Emaan Adeel as part of its Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 line. Designed with meticulous care and featuring stunning hand embroidery work that will leave you breathless, this piece from Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23’s Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 collection makes an impressive statement when worn to any special event or celebration, exuding sophistication and glamour as no other garment can.


Made of sheer and lightweight chiffon fabric, the RM-06 Estelle kameez features exquisite floral patterns and delicate motifs expertly embroidered onto its front. The rich texture and stunning design will capture everyone’s attention. At the same time, elegantly embroidered sleeves add another level of class. At the same time, its plain back offers a subtle contrast to its extravagant front.

Organza embroidery on the front and back borders, sleeves, and trouser border add further opulence to this kameez, making it the ideal choice for formal events. The soft pink hue embodies grace and style.


A matching pink chiffon embroidered dupatta completes this ensemble in style and elegance. Deliberately stitched border designs add depth of beauty while luxurious tassels complete its glamorous and sophisticated appearance. Lightweight material provides comfort during movement for maximum ease of wearability.


The RM-06 Estelle dress is genuinely breathtaking and features beautiful hand-stitched patches, patties, and tassels sewn by artisans. These dazzling embellishments add depth, texture, and luxury and showcase the craftsmanship of its designers to make it genuinely exclusive and stunning.


The dyed raw silk trouser in matching pink adds the perfect finishing touch to this elegant ensemble. Crafted of soft yet comfortable material, its texture pairs beautifully with the kameez and dupatta fabrics to complete its overall effect.


Emaan Adeel’s RM-06 Estelle gown is an extraordinary work of art, embodying exceptional design, superior quality materials, and exquisite attention to detail. A must-have at formal events such as weddings and other special events, its breathtaking artwork will leave a lasting impression! Please do yourself a favour and embrace its extraordinary talent on your next special occasion.