Embroidered Organza – RM-10 Iris

C$ 240

Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection: Romansiyyah Luxury Formals 23

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Emaan Adeel Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23 brings us the exquisite RM-10 Iris from their Emaan Adeel collection Romansiyah Luxury Formals 23. Crafted with quality materials and decorated with beautiful details, it will capture everyone’s eye as a fantastic creation that stands out in any crowd.

This dress features an organza kameez made of high-quality fabric. The front features beautiful hand-made embroidery, which adds depth and texture. In contrast, the plain organza fabric of its back perfectly compliments intricate details on its front. Furthermore, stunning organza embroidery decorates its sleeves to add a layer of elegance.

This kameez’s front and back borders feature intricate embroidery designs, creating an eye-catching visual impact. Furthermore, both sleeve borders feature exquisite threadwork that brings another level of detail to this garment – an impressive work of art that will draw everyone’s gaze!

The dupatta of the RM-10 Iris is equally exquisite. Crafted from premium organza fabric and meticulously embroidered with intricate designs and patterns, its borders boast embroidery details to embellish this remarkable garment further.

The RM-10 Iris is intricately decorated using various techniques and styles, from hand embroidery with meticulous stitch placement to patchwork, patti and cutwork designs, which add depth and texture. Tassels hanging from its dupatta add movement and visual interest, completing this visually arresting piece.

This off-white ensemble boasts high-quality raw silk trousers for an additional touch of luxury and timelessness. Additionally, an off-white colour scheme gives this timeless and classic ensemble an indestructible appeal that will remain popular year after year.

Emaan Adeel’s RM-10 Iris dress is breathtakingly breathtaking, featuring stunning embroidery and high-quality materials for maximum impact at any special event or occasion. Take advantage of this chance to add this stunning piece to your wardrobe, and start turning heads wherever you go!