Embroidered Net – Rosa by Tabeer

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Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23

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Indulge in the luxury of traditional Pakistani formal wear right here in Canada with the exquisite “Rosa by Tabeer” ensemble by the revered brand Farasha. This ready-to-wear designer dress is a testament to elegance, designed to captivate and enchant the discerning tastes of Pakistani and Indian ladies seeking cultural magnificence blended with contemporary flair.

A Canvas of Artistic Grandeur

Embroidered Perfection: The “Rosa by Tabeer” is a masterpiece celebrating the intricate art of embroidery. Adorned with net front and back panels, each stitch tells a story of heritage and meticulous craftsmanship. The net front border, sleeves, and ethereal borders are canvases showcasing the finesse of Tilla sequins and a symphony of delicate threadwork.

Organza Elegance: Embracing the dress is an embroidered organza front and back border, further enhancing its regal aesthetic. The sleeves, too, boast borer-embroidered organza borders, adding layers of texture and sophistication that are quintessential for formal engagements.

A Palette of Poise and Grace

The colour peach symbolizes warmth and poise, and “Rosa by Tabeer” captures this essence flawlessly. It’s not just a garment but a celebration of culture, exquisitely tailored to accentuate grace and style for any luxurious gathering or event.

Luxurious Layers and Textures

The Dupatta – A Signature Statement: The outfit is complemented by an embroidered net dupatta, bound to be the conversation starter at any social event. Adorned with printed cotton patti and opulent embroidered organza borders, the dupatta gracefully completes the statement look “Rosa by Tabeer” promises.

Trouser – The Subtle Spectacle: A dyed raw silk trouser underpins the ensemble, chosen meticulously to balance the rich detailing of the upper garments. Its understated elegance ensures that the focus remains on the dress’s intricate design while still contributing to the luxurious feel of the attire.

Crafted For Celebrations

Whether you attend a wedding, a formal banquet, or any celebratory occasion, “Rosa by Tabeer” is a beacon of traditional aesthetics matched with modern sensibilities. This dress is more than an outfit; it’s an experience, a portrayal of your rich cultural roots amalgamated with the spirit of contemporary fashion.

A Symbol of Unmatched Quality

Brand and Fabrication: Upheld by the reputation of Farasha, “Rosa by Tabeer” is a part of the Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23 Collection. Known for its dedication to quality and elegance, Farasha utilizes net fabric that speaks volumes of luxury and comfort.

Ideal for Canadian Climes

Designed with the varied Canadian seasons in mind, the “Rosa by Tabeer” ensures both warmth and breathability, making it a versatile choice for any elegant affair throughout the year.

Making It Yours

Residing in Canada does not mean you are distant from the rich cultural tapestry of Pakistan and India. “Rosa by Tabeer” by Farasha bridges this gap, offering an authentic piece of sartorial splendour that connects you to your roots with a garment that stands out in beauty and cultural significance.

A Celebration of Craftsmanship

Each “Rosa by Tabeer” dress is a tribute to the artisans who bring centuries-old traditions into contemporary fashion. When you choose this dress, you honour the art, the artist, and the cultural legacy woven into every fibre.

Purchasing “Rosa by Tabeer”

Experience the delight of owning a piece that is a dress and a legacy. Perfect for those special moments when you want to shine, “Rosa by Tabeer” is available for Canadian women who appreciate heritage, elegance, and the power of a beautifully crafted ensemble. Embody the essence of Pakistani luxury with “Rosa by Tabeer” — an attire that resonates with sophistication, designed for the woman who carries her cultural heritage with pride. Dive into the beauty of traditional Pakistani formal wear and make your mark with an ensemble that is as timeless as it is elegant.


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