Embroidered khaddar – Royal Dust

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Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Khaddar And Linen Collection 2023
Fabric: Khaddar
Dupatta Fabric: Embroidered shawl

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Cross Stitch has created the Royal Dust Shalwar Kameez from their Khaddar and Linen Collection 2023 for women with sophisticated tastes who wish to showcase their refined sense of style. This exquisite dress offers unparalleled sophistication.

The Kameez of Royal Dust dress exudes elegance. Crafted from premium-grade dyed and embroidered khaddar fabric, its intricate embroidery on both its front and sleeves will grab people’s attention, while its pastel printed detailing on its back adds a contemporary feel.

The matching dupatta, crafted from khaddar fabric and boasting beautiful embroidery work, completes this elegant ensemble. It adds both beauty and elegance, further elevating its overall appearance. Plus, its classic blue hue adds classiness, making this ensemble suitable for formal or semi-formal events!

This Royal Dust Shalwar Kameez is designed to emphasize your natural beauty. Featuring comfortable dyed khaddar trousers with flexible fit for optimal freedom of movement, you can take on each day’s challenges without worry.

Royal Dust Shalwar Kameez stands out with its embellishments. From its exquisitely hand-embroidered patch and tiny pearls to the elegant tassels, each detail adds a glamorous flair that makes this dress suitable for any special occasion, such as a wedding reception or formal dinner party.

Royal Dust Shalwar Kameez comes in an eye-catching green hue and makes a statement piece for the modern woman. Embroidered designs decorate both pieces beautifully. Its vibrant hue adds depth and character.

Cross Stitch has designed its Khaddar and Linen Collection 2023 using premium quality fabrics that can adapt to all seasons, such as Khaddar fabric for ultimate comfort and easy upkeep for Kameez, dupatta, and trouser items.

Conclusion: the Royal Dust Shalwar Kameez from Khaddar and Linen Collection 2023 by Cross Stitch should be essential in every woman’s wardrobe. With intricate embroidery work, stunning embellishments, and premium quality fabrics, this timeless piece is irreplaceable over time. Don’t wait for another second – add this iconic fashion statement today and get your Royal Dust Shalwar Kameez from Khaddar and Linen Collection 2023 by Cross Stitch.