Embroidered Chiffon – Royalis

C$ 240

Brand: Adan’s Libas
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Barroco Collection’21

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Adan Libas is delighted to introduce their exquisite Royalis shalwar kameez from their Barroco Collection 21. This stunning dress exudes elegance and grace – ideal for formal and festive events! It features intricate floral embroidery on both the front and back panels of this garment, showcasing Adan Libas artisans’ outstanding craftsmanship.

The Zeus color of the Chiffon kameez pairs beautifully with the Seal Brown Cotton Banarsi dupatta to produce a mesmerizing visual effect. The small floral print on the dupatta adds charm, while its exquisitely crafted lace borders complete its appeal.

This round neckline dress features beautiful embroidery work and tassels to add sophistication and style to its design. Furthermore, the back neck design of the Kameez boasts a deep round cut to highlight its beauty further.

The Kameez of Royalis is designed with a standard length, featuring see-through chiffon sleeves that add an elegant touch. The expansive width of sleeves featuring thick embroidery patchwork and tassels on cuffs elevates this dress to another level.

The Royals shalwar kameez hemline features an eye-catching combination of thick embroidery patch and lace border, emphasizing the craftsmanship and care put into creating this masterpiece. Paired with its Zeus-colored chiffon kameez and raw silk Four Lare Lace Trousers, its design is an exquisite way to highlight the designers and artisans behind it all. Perfect for formal or festive events.

The luxurious texture and impeccable quality of Adan Libas’ chiffon kameez and Banarsi dupatta fabrics exemplify their dedication and passion for crafting unique garments with exquisite details. Their Royalis shalwar kameez is proof of Adan Libas team members’ talent, showing their commitment to excellence in the fashion industry.

The Royals shalwar kameez is an exquisite dress designed for modern women who value superior quality and impeccable craftsmanship. It embodies Adan Libas’ critical values of passion, artistry, and attention to detail, making this piece an outstanding addition to any wardrobe that adds grace and glamour to any special occasion.

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