Embroidered Raw Silk – S231-007A-DE

C$ 337

Brand: Sana Safinaz
Fabric: Raw silk
Collection: Winter Luxury Collection 23

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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They present Sana Safinaz stunning S231-007A-DE dress from their Winter Luxury Collection 23. This magnificent work of art will spellbind you! It will leave you breathless.

The S231-007A-DE dress combines traditional and contemporary styles for an eye-catching design. Its front is dyed and embroidered onto raw silk to evoke Moroccan aesthetics for an eye-catching appearance, while its back features dyed raw silk to match. Furthermore, sleeves feature Moroccan-inspired embroidery on raw silk sleeves with beautifully embroidered cuffs on the lawn, adding another stunning detail adorning this gorgeous ensemble. Additionally, its embellishment of embroidered information on the lawn adds further beauty.

Add an air of luxury with our S231-007A-DE Dress embellished with sequins, an embroidered patti, and tassels for added sophistication! These luxurious details elevate the elegance and take it one step toward enlightenment.

This dress comes complete with a gold paste-printed velvet dupatta that enhances its luxurious appeal, while its pinkish-purple cotton Tencel rotary-printed pant adds a contemporary edge that complements its dark purple open goan perfectly.

Made of raw silk, the open goan exudes royal and luxurious style. The velvet dupatta adds a soft elegance, making the dress opulent, and cotton tencel trousers provide comfort throughout the day.

Overall, the Sana Safinaz S231-007A-DE dress is an unforgettable piece that will turn heads at any event. Boasting stunning design elements like its attractive floral embroidery pattern and luxurious fabrics that complement it perfectly, its striking aesthetic will turn heads at any gathering you attend. Take advantage of experiencing its elegant beauty; get your own today and start showing it off!

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