Embroidered Peach Leather – SC-01 Freya

C$ 268

Brand: Qalamkar
Peach Leather
Collection: Luxury Winter 23


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Qalamkar Luxury Winter 23 collection showcases a breathtaking piece of art: SC-01 Freya Shalwar Kameez. Crafted to delight from exquisite embroidery and tasteful embellishments, it will capture your attention right from its first glance! With traditional yet contemporary elements seamlessly fused for an outstanding masterpiece.

Kameez garments stand out for their intricate embroidery details, which showcased here are truly magnificent. The front panel boasts intricate threadwork and beadwork combined with beautiful side panel embroidery, creating a striking effect and matching back and sleeve embroidery that ties the design together seamlessly. Intricate borders, daman patches, and embellished sleeves add a touch of elegance that sets this garment apart.

The dupatta is made from beautifully woven karandi shawl fabric for an ultra-soft and cosy experience. Featuring a subtle jacquard design in vibrant orange, its subtle jacquard pattern adds stunning contrast with the maroon Kameez and thread tassels and pearls, adding further grace to its beauty. Furthermore, plain trouser made of peach leather fabric adds luxurious finishing touches.

The warmth and richness of winter inspired the colour palette for this piece. Maroon and orange hues represent vibrant fall foliage and the cosy glow of a fireplace on a cold night, respectively. Furthermore, fabric selection was exceptional: the durable peach leather fabric was chosen for both Kameez and trousers and the intricate Karandi weave pattern fabric was selected for dupattas – each piece reflecting the richness and warmth of winter!

The SC-01 Freya Shalwar Kameez is an exceptional piece of traditional Pakistani clothing. Boasting exquisite embroidery, elegant embellishments and an ideal colour combination – its beautiful embroidery, tasteful decorations, and captivating colour combination illustrate the harmonious blend between traditional and modern design elements. This Kameez will be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something distinctive and sophisticated to add to your wardrobe.