Embroidered Khaddar – SC-05 Romina

C$ 274

Brand: Qalamkar
Collection: Luxury Winter 23


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Explore the SC-05 Romina shalwar kameez from the Qalamkar Luxury Winter 23 collection; it will make an impressionful statement and turn heads! This enchanting ensemble will turn heads and turn many heads.

This shalwar kameez features intricate and beautiful embroidery designs that bring artful embellishment. Its front centre panel and left and right side panels boast stunning embroidery. In the back, the neckline adds elegance. In contrast, the front and back are finished with decorative borders featuring captivating embroidery designs. Lastly, sleeves embellished with striking embroidery patches complete the ensemble beautifully.

The dupatta is equally captivating, made from luxurious Karandi shawl fabric that drapes beautifully. The intricate embroidery along the pallu adds sophistication, while long side lace finishes off this unforgettable ensemble for an eye-catching effect.

Maintaining an understated design, the trouser features plain khaddar fabric for an eye-catching contrast against the intricate embroidery on the shirt and dupatta.

This shalwar kameez features exquisite embellishments such as embroidered cutwork patches, shuttle lace, and thread tassels, further elevating its design.

This ensemble’s dominant colour is blue, known for its soothing qualities. Contrasting blue-coloured khaddar fabric adds depth and dimension, while the Karandi shawl fabric completes this ensemble in style and calmness – an ideal combination for winter months! This beautiful combination gives off both tranquillity and sophistication at once!

Built from high-quality and long-wearing khaddar fabric, the shirt and trousers provide warmth while looking fashionable for winter weather. Meanwhile, Karandi shawl fabric adds extra layers of warmth while looking stylish when worn as the dupatta – adding warmth and style.

Overall, the SC-05 Romina shalwar kameez from the Qalamkar Luxury Winter 23 collection is an exquisite work of art. It boasts intricate embroidery, stunning embellishments and luxurious fabrics that come together into an aesthetically pleasing piece that is suitable for any special event or just casual wear – making this ensemble truly captivating and an indispensable must-have in any wardrobe for its elegant style without compromising comfort or durability.