Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 33

C$ 361

Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23

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Baroque VS 33, Embroidered Velvet Shawl from Collection Shawls, is an exquisite work of art designed especially for Pakistani wedding wear and other festive events. Boasting superb craftsmanship and style, this shawl showcases tradition and modernity to complete its exquisite design—a must-have addition to any collection of gorgeous shawls.

Crafted from luxurious velvet fabric, the Baroque VS 33 shawl epitomizes luxury and comfort. The velvety texture feels soft against your skin for optimal warmth and coziness during those cool evenings and winter weddings that don’t quite match. Meanwhile, its black hue exudes sophistication while complementing your overall look.

One of the most eye-catching aspects of this shawl is its exquisite floral embroidery, where each thread has been meticulously interlaced to produce a gorgeous floral pattern that draws your gaze.

Further enhancing its charm are delicate pearl embellishments, which add a luxurious finish, while its intricate patti edges complete its overall beauty and finesse.

The Baroque VS 33 Embroidered Velvet Shawl is an adaptable piece, ideal for styling various ways and occasions. Wear it draping over traditional Indian attire such as shalwar kameez or layer it over Western attire to add ethnic flare – the design and colors complement any ensemble, making this statement piece a stunning piece to stand out in any crowd!

What differentiates the Baroque VS 33 Embroidered Velvet Shawl from its peers is its combination of traditional and modern styles, giving its wearer the best of both worlds. The intricate embroidery showcases the designers’ skill, while its velvety texture suits it for contemporary events.

The Baroque VS 33 Embroidered Velvet Shawl from Collection Shawls is remarkable and should not be disregarded. A must-have addition for fashion-minded individuals, this piece can serve various functions while adding glamour and grace to cold winter days. Grab this exquisite piece today to add it to your wardrobe!