Embroidered Velvet – ZARDOZI LOOK 01

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Brand: Aik Atelier
Embroidered Velvet
Collection: Zardozi – Velvet ‘23

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In a world where fashion and finery go hand-in-hand, ZARDOZI LOOK 01 by Aik Atelier is a sovereign statement piece. For the Pakistani and Indian ladies who call Canada their home and fashion their language, this ready-to-wear ensemble is a love letter to the legacy you carry and the contemporary flair you adore.

Crafted for those who understand that a dress can be a dialogue between epochs, the ZARDOZI LOOK 01 is a vision set on a canvas of opulent cobalt velvet. It’s where the art of tradition meets the ease of modernity, creating a silhouette that speaks volumes of understated glamour with every fold and drape.

The Shirt: A Tale of Textures and Threads

As you slip into the shirt of ZARDOZI LOOK 01, you embrace the embrace of luxe velvet. With its front and back adorned with gold embroideries, every inch is a testimony to the time-honoured art of zardozi embellishments. The intricate stitching is not just a detail—it’s the voice of heritage calling out to the modern woman.

Embellished Velvet Front: An embroidered marvel, the shirt’s front drapes you in a story stitched in shimmering gold.

Organza Neckline Finish: Grace personified; the neckline is a whisper of sophistication with its delicate organza touch.

Velvet Splendour at the Back: Completing the circle of elegance, the embroidered velvet back ensures your exit is as memorable as your entrance.

Medium Silk Borders: Setting the stage at the hem, the medium silk borders echo luxury with rich embroidery.

Organza Pocket Patch: A quirky addition to traditional attire, the pocket patch oozes charm with an organza fabric twist.

Plush Velvet Sleeves: Embroidered sleeves of velvet promise to make every gesture a grand affair.

Medium Silk Sleeve Border: Because every detail counts, the lavish medium silk sleeves border frames each movement in refined luxury.


Below this cobalt cascade resides the triumphant trouser—a crushed masoor silk pant breathing life into the ensemble. These pants are more than just an article of clothing; they’re a canvas, creased in all the right places to catch light, attention, and admiration.

Masoori Silk Pants: Step into a cloud of comfort meets vogue with pants that beam with an effortlessly chic vibe.

The Dupatta: A Silk Shawl Saga

The crowning glory of ZARDOZI LOOK 01 has to be the silk shawl, a magnificent masterpiece embroidered with an ambi pattern deeply rooted in South Asian aesthetics that practically hums with cultural significance.

Embroidered Silk Dupatta: A tapestry of tales told through the seamless silk and manifested in meticulous embroidery.

Silk Dupatta Border: Edged with excellence, the border enchants all who look at its regal design.

Colour Palette: 

Imagine the deepest depths of the ocean clashing with the serenity of a forest canopy—that’s the colour story of the ZARDOZI LOOK 01. This duo of blue and green is no random choice; it’s a deliberate dance of colours chosen to reflect the inner royalty of the wearer.

Cultural Roots, Canadian Canvases

Whether you’ve strutted down runways or the bustling streets that map Canada’s multicultural landscape, ZARDOZI LOOK 01 speaks your style lingo fluently. Draped in this garb, you’ll find that every room becomes a runway, every step a statement, and every glance a conversation.

Occasions Worthy of ZARDOZI LOOK 01

A piece this poised in grandeur fits seamlessly into every celebratory tapestry. Gliding through galas, shining at soirées, or making weddings wonderstruck, this Look ensures you’re not just a guest but an event in yourself.

Conclusion: Where Craft Meets Your Canvas

For the connoisseurs of culture and couture residing in Canada, we bring forth ZARDOZI LOOK 01—a narrative of needlework excellence, an oration of origination and innovation. Aik Atelier’s creation invites you to carry the torch of ancestral artistry, lit with the fire of modern trendsetting fashion.