Embroidered Velvet – ZARDOZI LOOK 05

C$ 433

Brand: Aik Atelier
Embroidered Velvet
Collection: Zardozi – VELVET ‘23


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In the mosaic of multicultural Canada, ZARDOZI LOOK 05 by Aik Atelier emerges as a luxurious, sartorial homage to the Pakistani and Indian heritage. For the fashion-forward ladies who seek the perfect blend of luxury and contemporary style, this ready-to-wear designer dress is poised to elevate your wardrobe into regality.

Shirt: A Canvas of Gold on Velvet

The ZARDOZI LOOK 05 shirt is a marvel draped in the most decadent shade of emerald velvet. Each piece is exemplary, handcrafted with varying hues of gold embroidery that demand the spotlight. The shimmering sequins dance across the kameez, catching light and admirers with every subtle movement.

Ornamented Opulence: The Neckline and Hem

The focal point is the decadently ornamented neckline—a constellation of intricate motifs meticulously designed to draw the eye and captivate an audience. Flowing down to the hem, the embroidery crescendos into an exhibition of sheer extravagance.

Back and Sleeves: A Continuation of Elegance

Turning the page reveals an equally embroidered velvet back, ensuring every angle is your best. The sleeves are spun from the same fabric of dreams, bordered with medium silk that ushers in a tale of timeless glamour.

A Symphony in Texture

Beneath the majestic kameez lies the crushed Jamawar pants—a testament to luxury. The textured trouser mirrors the lush landscape of the top, providing a seamless fashion narrative that moves gracefully and stands with poise.

Embellishment and Elegance

Outfitted with splendour, these trousers aren’t just part of the outfit—they’re half the conversation, speaking volumes about the craftsmanship that went into their creation.

Celestial Charm on Chiffon

Completing the ZARDOZI LOOK 05 is the embroidered chiffon dupatta, whispering tales of elegance through its sheer veil. French cut sequins are intricately placed on a luxe chiffon base frame entire. They look with a delicate yet undeniable strength.

Border: Framing Splendour

The embroidered organza border isn’t a mere finishing touch—it’s the signature of Aik Atelier, marking each piece with distinction and grace.

Colour: The Depth of Black

Amidst the myriad hues that define festive wear, black stands out with an assertive whisper. In ZARDOZI LOOK 05, it’s not just black; it’s a statement, a canvas that allows the gold to sing and the sequins to shine.

Cultural Affinity Meets Contemporary Chic

ZARDOZI LOOK 05 is not merely attire; it’s an experience. In the culturally rich streets of Canada, this Look sets you apart, carrying a heritage story illuminated by the craft of today’s artisans.

Preserving Heritage

From the Himalayas’ foothills to Canada’s bustling cities, this garment is a bridge between worlds—a celebration of identity and modernity intertwined in thread and design.

Fashion Narrative for Today’s Woman

For the woman who commands attention not just with her words but with her wardrobe, ZARDOZI LOOK 05 is a chapter written just for you.

A Canvas for Every Celebration

Whether a wedding procession under the starlit sky or a festive gala embraced by warmth, ZARDOZI LOOK 05 transforms any occasion into a memorable affair. It isn’t just worn; it’s lived in—each detail contributing to the memories etched in time.

Weddings and Galas: An Unforgettable Presence

Stepping into a room, this Look ensures all eyes pivot to you—an icon adorned in threads of heritage and hands of now.

Social Soirees: A Striking Statement

Graceful yet commanding, ZARDOZI LOOK 05 is social currency, engaging conversations and captivating glances.

Conclusion: Where Every Thread Tells Your Story

ZARDOZI LOOK 05 by Aik Atelier is much more than a dress—it’s a piece of woven wonder tailored for the Pakistani and Indian ladies of Canada. It’s where culture kisses contemporary design, tradition meets trends, and the fabric becomes fashion. This ensemble is not just ready-to-wear; it’s ready-to-wow.

Encapsulate yourself in ZARDOZI LOOK 05, a garment that drapes you in dignity, dances with desire, and declares your devotion to style that spans borders yet respects roots. It’s here, it’s now, it’s yours to own.