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Qalamkar PK: Shop Latest Clothes in Canada

Embroidered RawvSilk DN-02 SABRINA

Embroidered Raw Silk -DN-02 Sabrina

C$ 499

Embroidered Raw Silk DN-07 ALEENA

Embroidered Raw Silk – DN-07 Aleena

C$ 499

Embroidered-Organza DN-04 Kanza

Embroidered Organza – DN-04 Kanza

C$ 475

Embroidered-Organza DN-08 INAYAA

Embroidered Organza – DN-08 Inayaa

C$ 499

Embroidered-Raw Silk DN-03 ZAINA

Embroidered Raw Silk – DN-03 Zaina

C$ 499

Embroidered-Masoori DN 01 IMAAN

Embroidered Masoori – DN-01 IMAAN

C$ 602

Embroidered Masoori - DN-06 Fariza

Embroidered Masoori – DN-06 Fariza

C$ 499

Embroidered Organza - DN-05 SAMARA

Embroidered Organza – DN-05 SAMARA

C$ 475


Embroidered Silk – HR-04 Leela

C$ 499


Embroidered Raw Silk – HR-07 Noor

C$ 499


Embroidered Jacquard Weaved – HR-03 Meher

C$ 475


Embroidered Raw Silk – HR-01 Fariya

C$ 499


Embroidered Jacquard Weaved – HR-08 Reena

C$ 475


Embroidered Net – HR-02 Mehrunnisa

C$ 499


Embroidered Raw Silk – HR-05 Meharbano

C$ 499


Embroidered Organza – HR-06 Arisha

C$ 516


Embroidered Khaddar – SC-06 Calista

C$ 274


Embroidered Linen – SC-02 Imani

C$ 274


Embroidered Khaddar – SC-07 Serene

C$ 274


Embroidered Khaddar – SC-05 Romina

C$ 274

Qalamkar PK is a Pakistani clothing brand rooted in tradition and craftsmanship. It draws inspiration from Pakistan’s skillful artisans that form its rich cultural legacy and ensemble designs from traditional techniques found here. Created to honor indigenous crafts of Pakistani artisans through exquisite ensembles made by local craftspeople based in Pakistan, Qalamkar PK’s mission is to craft vibrant designs that illustrate rich cultural narratives through our skilled workforce’s artistry.

Qalamkar PK offers handmade dresses and clothing materials of the highest quality to cater to Pakistan’s rich cultural traditions, using only premium fabrics crafted by experts who possess an unwavering passion for creating garments with precision and accuracy. Our designs are breathtaking and captivating – the perfect additions for those looking for style while honoring Pakistan’s traditional heritage.

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At Qalamkar PK, our handcrafted designs effortlessly merge traditional and contemporary aesthetics to produce timeless, sophisticated looks that transcend generations. We take great pride in upholding excellence, authenticity, and creativity through cutting-edge techniques and quality fabrics. We strive to offer each of our customers an unforgettable experience.

Qalamkar PK is more than just another Pakistani clothing brand – it pays homage to Pakistan’s skilled artisans who embody and preserve its vibrant cultural heritage. We hope to bring joy and promote traditional Pakistani attire through our colorful ensemble.