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Qalamkar with their revised fashion philosophy wants to create Pakistani branded clothes in Canada that boast a creative insight into regular eastern wear. Every ensemble holds a rich design story inspired by the past, heritage embellishments are incorporated in a manner that perfectly portrays the feminine aura. Though many tried to let down the design house, they always reign tall with a glamorous, original collection.


Bespoke tones and meticulous embroidery on beguiling fabrics formulate the eponymous collections, here are some of the latest ranges:

Sayonee Luxury Shawl Collection 2023 by Qalamkar

When it comes to renovated winter fashion, Sayonee Luxury Shawl Collection 2022 by Qalamkar always pulls through with a set that is mesmerizing and totally different from anything seen before. This year, the brand grabbing the aesthetic of tribal beauties, brought forth designs reminiscent of divergent rich Pakistani culture. The dresses are showcased with vivacious hues and pretty Khaddar fabric. The pieces look ethereal on the beautiful ‘Khuda aur Muhabbat’ actress, so much so that everyone has come to accept this brand’s ability to challenge preconceived notions and stitch an idea that is brand new and modish.

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Get Formals Collection 2023

Concerned with balance, the designer has manifested silhouettes that tone the body flawlessly. Beautiful peshwas, ghararas, angrakhas, lehngas, the collection has something for all the colorful functions of desi wedding. Immaculate blueprints cover the lustrous chiffon, organza, and net material fashioning a vibe that is simply magical. Paired with rehsam, marora, adda work, the cuts are so captivating that the onlookers instantly fall in love with them. Further beautifying the units are ravishing beads, pearls, and exquisite jewels.

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Buy Stunning Casual Pret Collection 2023

In addition to handsome luxury, and formal attires, the brand also presents composed causal pret. A lifestyle for the modern woman, the suits are cultivated with smooth fabrics, subtle tints, and marvelous prints. Fine details enhance the elegant demeanor of minimal fashion, also making it ideal as work attire. They only create pieces that inspire them and so for every collection released a myriad of whimsical options greet our eyes.

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See Q line Collection 2023

An embroidered lawn is an unmatched fashion trend and is not going anywhere anytime soon. A lot of designers churn out normal boring designs to meet the high demands, but Qalamkar, prioritizing quality, put their signature suave touch to every piece of apparel. The vision comes to life using divergent patterns on bright canvases and crafting fine accents on luxurious bases.

Closing Thoughts

Amalgamating traditional staples with modern lengths, the designs generated by the leading design hub, are groundbreaking. Worth watching and worth wearing the high-end suits will become your daily garb. Truly a brand with no limits in sight, The Brnad curates the ultimate fashion for contemporary fashionistas, grabs a spoon, and becomes part of the trendiest clothing house today.

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