Sayonee Luxury Shawl Collection 2022 by Qalamkar

An ode to the tribal beauties of Pakistani branded clothes, this Sayonee Luxury Shawl Collection 2022 by Qalamkar features an elegant heritage culture mixed with modern fashion. A beautiful culmination of soft tones, artisanship, and finesse is served before our eyes. Fueling our love for the vintage aesthetic, Qalamkar has created the pieces using old-age blueprints and nostalgic cuts. Manifesting the range is the beautiful muse ‘Iqra Aziz’, traditional jhumkas and necklaces are styled with the units for an enchanting ethnic atmosphere.

sayonee luxury shawl collection 2022

A unique addition to the wardrobe for formal wear, don’t miss out on the Sayonee Luxury Shawl Collection 2022 by Qalamkar:

Product: K – 02 Haram

Printed on a black canvas is an ancestral pattern made with hues of red, pastel pinks, and green. A polka dot pattern forms the background, the border is handcrafted with master gota work. A warm woolen Sayonee Luxury Shawl Collection 2022 brings the outfit to perfection.

Product: K – 09 Syra

Weaved with the tales of the past, the current depiction of this baby pink apparel is indigenous. Soulfully crafted the dress has antique work embroidered on the front and sleeves, plus an embroidered pallu adds to the zest of the design.

Product: Product: K – 03 Kashaf

A maroon sunset painted with the shades of the sky and adorned with a diaphanous pattern. The look is matched with a deep blue Sayonee Luxury Shawl Collection 2022 by Qalamkar decorated with jacquard stitching. The magnificent colors and textures are worthy of a style queen.

Product: K – 04 Samreen

We cannot get over how beautiful Iqra looks in this magenta dream silhouette. A warm Karandi shirt is paired with a printed woolen shawl, making it ideal for the chilly weather. As charming as the color is, the embroidery is even more bewitching.

Closing Thoughts

Inspired by the long-standing tribes, the assortment flaunts the strength of the empowered women of the pure communities. With a touch of luxury and a dash of sophistication, Qalamkar has brought us clothes that hold the whimsical aura of old.

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