Shraddha Kapoor’s Beach Looks in a Blue Lehenga

Shraddha Kapoor's Beach Looks in a Blue Lehenga

The Maldives’ sands sparkle as Bollywood’s style siren, Shraddha Kapoor, transforms a beach wedding into a fashion runway with her divine blue lehenga.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Star Style: Shraddha Kapoor brings the ‘wow’ factor to her cousin’s beach wedding, turning heads in a stunning blue lehenga.
  2. Designer Magic: Rahul Mishra, the maestro behind the ensemble, perfectly marries traditional elegance with beach chic.
  3. Accessorize Like a Pro: Shraddha pairs her lehenga with a statement choker, wavy locks, and a makeup palette that sings the ocean’s lullaby.
  4. Make Waves: Emulate Shraddha’s look for an Indo-Canadian beach wedding that merges tradition with seaside splendour.
  5. Your Canvas Awaits at Shadi Dress: Bring your fashion fairytale to life with a custom-crafted blue lehenga from our store. Elevate your beach wedding with our handpicked, Shraddha-inspired lehengas.

Bollywood’s style siren, Shraddha Kapoor, set the sands ablaze in the Maldives! The occasion? A beach wedding where she turned waves into runways with her divine blue lehenga. At her cousin Priyaank Sharma’s matrimonial bliss with the stunning Shaza Morani, Shraddha didn’t just attend; she made a fashion statement that’s inspiring wedding mood boards across the globe.

Why It’s A Must-Have Beach Wedding Ensemble

Elegance and comfort sailed across the Indian Ocean as Shraddha dazzled everyone at the Haldi ceremony. Designer Rahul Mishra is the maestro behind this white and sea blue masterpiece. He truly knows how to tailor the ‘wow’ factor. The ensemble whispers traditional, yet screams beach chic, embodying the spirit of the shorelines with its graceful floral 3D embroidery on a pristine canvas of white skirt and ethereal blue dupatta.

Accessories: The Crown Jewels

Shraddha’s blue lehenga wasn’t the sole head-turner; her accessory game was on point, too. Dripping in a statement choker that echoed the choli’s flora, paired with her naturally wavy locks and a makeup palette that sang the ocean’s lullaby, she was a vision!

Be The Queen of the Coastline

Take notes from Shraddha’s blueprint for the Indo-Canadian lasses ready to rock those beach vows with a splash of tradition. Her look proves you can wear the heritage and hear the ocean in one breath.

Shadi Dress: Your Canvas Awaits

You’ve seen it. You’ll love it. Now, own it. Grab the reins of fashion with your custom-crafted blue lehenga ready to wear from our store, Shadi Dress. Become the storyteller of your fashion fairytale on the shores of ‘I do.’

Elevate your beach wedding to an exotic fashion escapade with our handpicked Shraddha-inspired lehengas, and leave a trail of style that even the tides can’t wash away. 

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