So Kamal PK Clothing Brand: Available in Canada

So Kamal: A Pakistani Clothing Brand that Unites Tradition and Modernity

Pakistan is a country rich in culture, history, and tradition. One of the ways this is displayed is through its fashion industry, which takes inspiration from its diverse ethnicities, religions, and customs. One such Pakistani clothing brand that represents this blend of tradition and modernity is So Kamal PK.

So Kamal PK made its debut in 2012 by collaborating with Elan PK, one of Pakistan’s leading fashion labels, to launch its lawn range. Since then, it has been recognized as one of the country’s most prestigious textile houses, renowned for its lawn collection and collaborations with popular designers like Zara Shahjahan and Ayesha Farook Hashwani.

Despite challenges arising from most designers producing lawn in-house, So Kamal launched its lawn collection independently in 2016, focusing on creating its unique signature lawn. With gorgeous model Sabika Imam as the face of its Spring/Summer collection, the brand showcased ten exclusive designs, each paired with chiffon dupattas to add an extra level of elegance.

To evaluate this new offering, Instep gave their verdict on aspects of quality, design innovation, value for money, and wow factor. They found the difference in Lahore’s raw finish and Karachi’s refined lawn, with So Kamal’s lawn fabric somewhat on the rough side. However, that added texture brings a more organic feel, highlighting the purity of the traditional lawn. While the designs’ themes were not consistent, the color combinations provided something fresh and exciting. Add-ons, however, were chunky and could have benefited from more intricate details.

The biggest draw, however, is the value for money that So Kamal’s lawn provides. Compared to other designer, premium lawns on the market, the three-piece suit is priced at PKR 4,500, while the digital range is priced at PKR 2,300, making it a perfect addition to the wardrobe for those who want something unique, fresh, and affordable.

So Kamal’s independent version of their lawn collection is not necessarily as desirable as their previous designer collaborations as the brand struggles with an absence of presence outside Lahore. Nevertheless, the brand should be recognized for its commitment to combining tradition and modernity, providing something of exceptional quality, value, and style.

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So Kamal is a brand that deserves recognition and appreciation for its dedication to maintaining cultural traditions while also staying current. While the independent version of its lawn collection currently lacks the same popularity as its designer collaborations, the brand brings something unique and fresh to the market, with emphasis on quality and affordability. As Pakistani fashion continues to evolve, So Kamal clothing remains a brand that reflects tradition and modernity, unifying both into something truly remarkable.