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Embroidered Karandi – AW23-5A

C$ 219

Embroidered Krandi – AW23-3A

C$ 219


Embroidered Krandi – AW23-1B

C$ 219


Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-4A

C$ 219


Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-5B

C$ 219


Embroidered Karandi – AW23-3B

C$ 219


Embroidered Karandi – AW23-2A

C$ 219


Embroidered Karandi – AW23-2B

C$ 219

Embroidered Karandi – AW23-1A

C$ 219


Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-4B

C$ 219

Embroidered jaquard – N23-01

C$ 400

Embroidered Dyed – N23-05

C$ 400

Embroidered Valvet- N23-04

C$ 407

Embroidered Dyed – N23-06

C$ 400

Embroidered Net – N23-03

C$ 400

Embroidered Raw silk – N23-02

C$ 407

Sobia Nazir: The Epitome of Affordable High-End Fashion

Sobia Nazir, Pakistan’s leading fashion icon, has proven otherwise. Established in 1995, the brand has revolutionized Pakistani women’s clothing store by providing multiple ranges of affordable designer fashion for women. Boasting quality, design innovation and affordability as its cornerstone values, Sobia Nazir has quickly become an established household name within Pakistan’s fashion industry. Its varied Pakistani branded clothes offerings include pret-a-porter clothing, couture formal wear, Pakistani lawn suits, and embroidered fabrics, making this Pakistani fashion house a truly diverse designer brand in Pakistan.

The clothing label offers nine distinct brands under its banner: Silk, SN pret, Evening Wear, Linens, Brides and Embroidered Fabrics. Each offers its distinctive blend of style and affordability to meet women’s fashion needs across Canada. Now available online through Shadi Dress in Canada are ready-to-wear dresses designed by Sobia Nazir PK!

Sobia Nazir PK: Variety for Every Season and Occasion

One of the brand’s hallmarks is its ability to reflect different seasons and occasions by offering seasonal collections with patterns, cuts and bold colours that add flair. Their lawn collection debuts every summer and boasts stylish pieces featuring the latest prints, styles and designs for an affordable look.

The brand’s silk line offers intricately designed ensembles for formal occasions, ranging from glamorous evenings to semi-formal wear. Additionally, their embroidered fabrics collection provides an array of georgette and chiffon fabrics tailored specifically for embroidery needs in suits, Indian sarees and clothing items.

Sobia Nazir PK Pakistani bridal dresses demonstrate its ability to provide high-end fashion at an accessible price point. From traditional and modern elegance, as well as exquisite craftsmanship, to the use of precious and semi-precious stones such as Swarovskis and sequins mixed with threadwork used as embellishment on dresses for brides-to-be, the clothing label has truly designed its bridal line to meet every bride-to-be’s specific needs!

Unrivalled Quality and Design

Sobia Nazir’s success can be traced to its products’ unmatched quality and design, which stands out compared to similar offerings on the market. The brand designers put great effort into ensuring every element of their products meets high-quality standards, from fabrics used to intricate embroidery – unrivalled quality is evident across its collection of goods from this brand!

The brand’s design team works tirelessly to ensure their products meet high-quality and fashionable standards. Each detail in the brand’s products has been thoughtfully considered, from the colours and patterns displayed.

Sobia Nazir’s SN Pret collection provides trendy yet timeless apparel that meets women’s fashion needs across generations. Their clothing collection comprises tops, pants and shirts featuring intricate embroidery or digital prints designed to help women always look their best regardless of occasion or venue.

As a designer brand, this clothing house understands the need to stay ahead of trends when it comes to design. Pushing boundaries by incorporating new themes, patterns, and motifs into its collections. Their innovative approach to design has allowed them to remain at the forefront of Pakistan’s fashion industry.

Sobia Nazir’s ability to provide high-end fashion at an accessible price point has earned it widespread popularity among women throughout Pakistan and beyond. By celebrating different seasons and special occasions aptly, the Pakistani fashion house has managed to maintain customer loyalty year after year – solidifying itself as one of Pakistan’s premier designer brands.


Overall, this unique Pakistani designer house is an iconic Pakistani designer brand that has revolutionized women’s retail in Pakistan. Boasting quality, design, innovation and affordability simultaneously has cemented Sobia Nazir as one of Pakistan’s premier womenswear retail labels. From diverse product offerings to its ability to meet every fashion need imaginable – the brand remains a trendsetter and musterer.