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Velvet Edition By Baroque

Velvet Edition by Baroque will bring elegance and style into your life! Each Pakistani woman’s dress in this most awaited collection was meticulously created with modern Pakistani women in mind; each masterpiece represents sheer artistry.

Velvet Edition By Baroque

Whatever event or special occasion you’re attending, this collection from Baroque PK offers awe-inspiring Eastern apparel. Its beautiful floral embroidery and thick patch appliques will surely grab your attention instantly, as well as its exquisite threadwork tassels, shuttle laces and patties; each ensemble displays superb detailing that’s truly breathtaking. What’s more, Velvet Edition by Baroque was designed using luxurious fabric materials designed to enhance beauty and femininity as well as express individual styles – guaranteed!

Velvet Edition by Baroque will make an unforgettable statement at any special event you attend, whether that means opening gowns or lehenga kurtis – look no further. The brand has truly outdone itself by crafting stunning collections made of high-quality velvet and organza fabrics to provide luxurious yet comfortable feels that will ensure you stand out. From open gowns to lehenga kurtis – each piece exudes charm and allure, which not only look incredible but feel confident and elegant too – plus, it can be bought from Shadi Dress Canada, so don’t miss out! Let Velvet Edition make sure that your next special event is truly unforgettable!

Velvet Edition By Baroque Products Details

Velvet Edition by Baroque presents first article; luxurious Velvet UF 422, an exceptional Shalwar Kameez designed to set new standards of elegance and sophistication for formal and festive events.

Velvet UF 426 features woodsmoke velvet fabric with long-length plain velvet borders adorned with organza side borders and a round neck featuring floral embroidery.

Velvet UF 421 by Velvet Edition by Baroque exudes grace with intricate embroidery adorning both front and back panels, delicate patti detailing at the neckline, thick embroidered patches featuring tassels, and cutwork trousers.

Velvet UF 253 embodies timeless elegance with its soft velvet fabric, organza embroidery at the neckline, pearl accents on cuffs, trouser leg embroidery, and organza dupatta in black and Rongoon green hues.

Velvet UF 255 is an elegant choice for formal events. It is made from velvet fabric with intricate embroidery on both front and back panels, a round neck style with Dori tassels, and floral lace cuffs on its sleeves.

Baroque’s Velvet Edition by Baroque showcases the Velvet UF 420 Shalwar Kameez featuring velvet front and back panels and intricate embroidery patches.

Velvet UF 427 from Velvet Edition by Baroque, features an elegant boat-neck style with organza patch detailing on both front and back necklines to provide added sophistication.

Velvet UF 423 features intricate embroidery on its velvet front panel with organza patch accents on its plain back panel to add extra glitz. An organza Dupatta and silk Sharara complete it for extra luxury.

Baroque’s Velvet UF 250 Shalwar Kameez features intricate velvet embroidery details, such as its slash neck design with tassels and thread lace borders, round collar style, wide sleeves with thick embroidered patches on cuffs, wide collar style with round collar style collar, digital prints in Dupatta and digital printing on its Dupatta.

The Velvet UF 42 Shalwar Kameez features luxurious velvet fabric adorned with eye-catching embroidery and tassels for an eye-catching finish. Paired with dyed jamawar trousers for an effortlessly elegant look.

The UF 239 features an elegant V-neck style and round neck finish with organza detailing at its neckline, wide-width sleeves featuring thick patches and patti at their cuffs, as well as a dupatta featuring small floral designs complemented by patches and patti on all four sides.

Lehenga Kurti UF 424 of our collection, showcases an elegant round neck choli decorated with intricate embroidery on both front and back, wide-width sleeves decorated with patchwork detailing, organza dupatta featuring small floral patterns; patti embellishment on two sides of its Dupatta; triangle lace trim to complement its cocoa bean hue, as well as elegant round neck style choli embellished with intricate stitchery at front neck; organza dupatta in cocoa bean hue.

Baroque presents their luxurious Velvet Edition by Baroque featuring the luxurious Velvet UF 41 Shalwar Kameez made of Jaguar-colored velvet fabric with a round neck style, round embroidery designs and tassels on the neckline, triangle designs on cuffs and organza dupatta featuring floral embroidery as part of a complete set. Paired with dyed silk trousers, this look is sure to dazzle any occasion!

Velvet UF 249 features high-grade velvet fabric adorned with intricate embroidery. Its round neck design and organza embroidered patch on the back make this piece ideal for all occasions. In contrast, wide sleeves featuring thick patches embellished with threadwork are an attractive feature, as are dyed silk trousers featuring velvet floral patches – creating a striking ensemble fit for any event!

Velvet UF 425 is ideal for formal events, Pakistani weddings, and parties. Featuring a classic slash neck style adorned with handwork patches at the back and wide-width sleeves with rounded net lace cuffs, it comes complete with an organza dupatta featuring sequence details and velvet patti borders, along with velvet trousers featuring intricate patchwork embroidery on its upper legs and lower arms.

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